This year the Overwatch team have created a new brawl that is similar to the game Evolve. Where you have 1 monster vs. 5 players, all of which are played by people. It is the goal of the Yeti (Winston) to kill 5 Yeti Hunters (Meis).


Her kit is slightly changed. While she still gets her slow left click, iceicles on the right click, ice wall and ice block the ultimate is a trap. However, the trap takes approximately 5 seconds to arm.

Mei’s will also communicate with each other by voice lines “he’s over here!” “Winston, where aaare you?” “Run!”. You’ll also see a red outline of Winston on occasion.

All the Mei’s will have the same skin, regardless of what the player has equipped prior to loading into the game.

Goal to win: To kill Winston and avoid being killed


His kit remains basically unchanged. He has his gun, can melee, can use shields and jump, not to mention the beast mode ultimate lasts 20 seconds. He also has increased health and is unable to regenerate it.

If Winston jumps off the world, the game isn’t over. He’ll take heavy damage and be returned to the cave. The Mei’s will receive a notification saying “The Yeti has returned to his cave”.

Winston gets his enrage ability by collecting 4 meat.

Goal: To kill any Mei 5 times in total


These can only be obtained during the Yeti Hunter mode, during the Winter Wonderland event.

What do you think of the event? Got any questions? Post in the comment section below.


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