This weeks Dev Stream had the theme “Winner Takes All” where they had to collect as much treasure as possible, with the goal of racing a ship at the end of the stream. However, it wasn’t the case. Instead, they used the Grog barrels and did a race between all 3 and the guest streamer ended up winning. Time stamps below.

6:20 – Rundown of the stream goal

9:16 – WHEEL OF OTHER PLAYERS EMOTIONS: Gun powder barrel

15:55 – Showed streamer mode, Joe wasn’t sure where to find it and fumbled his way to finding it.

18:39 – Will allow/make it so that your crew mates are included in the new streamer mode

23:27 – Smuggler’s Bay spoken about

24:40 – Their ship was bombed by TNT after chasing around another boat, with the goal of TNTing them

31:00 – Sonic Bob spoken about

32:57 – Question to audience: How many people have used friends codes?

33:00 – EVENT: Skele ship

33:23 – Barrel Ball on skele ships, make them repair slower – Mike 

38:10 – Custom titles were thought of as an option, but didn’t want people to abuse them

39:12 – Spoke about adding rotating options to the Wheel of Other Player’s Emotions

40:24 – Talk about what their fave things are to do in game. Joe’s is anything to do with TNT

42:40 – Talk about Shrouded Ghost,
– They haven’t had it spawn in a live game
– Constantly looking at feedback
– Deliberately rare
– Was increased by “quite a significant margin”

45:17 – When will the new fort be opened? As soon as possible, need to fix more pathing bugs. Will be opened for Pioneer’s this weekend.

46:49 – Small changes around the map are intentional, some lead to things coming up soon and others are further away. They want to add more things to the game that are landmarks and go along with the lore

49:30 – EVENT: Skele ship + Meg spawned. They fought each other

51:47 – New features interact with meg and it’s one of Joe’s new favourite things

53:55 – Loot floating was discussed
– They were happy with it
– Chat said that it’s too short
– Mike said “will tweak it”

58:20 EVENT: Meg

1:00:16 – DesignedByHuman discussed their favourite things

1:00:57 – Spoke about Wonderous Box of Secrets. What’s inside, what will it reveal?

1:02:20 – EVENT: Meg

1:04:0 – Met people on Ship of the Damned, with new mode enabled they weren’t spammed with invites as no one could see their name

1:10:43 – Wheel is wrong for Soverigns, it’s taking on the Royal Soverin look

1:11:11 – Give away

1:12:12 – Reapers mark went up


1:16:43 – WHEEL OF OTHER PLAYERS EMOTIONS:  Fire on board

1:19:25 – Found lots of treasure floating (from a ship they’d sunk)

1:26:26 – Joe goes over to negotiate with other ship, fails

1:51:20 – EVENT: Skele ship, immediately despawns

1:52:59 – Will be at Twitch Con

1:53:33 – Give away

1:57:30 – Asked about duel melee weapons. Said no plans yet. Not working on it, they’ve got other things they want to add before that

2:00:00 – Drunken race with treasure
Doed wins: Will we get slots for more pirates?
– Yes they want to
– Trying to find a Sea of Thieves way to implement it
– Will be more than a month away
– All current focus is on their 20th March MEGA UPDATE

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