My recap, under 5 mins

Full 2 hour stream

This week Jon McFarlane was the host. Joined by Executive Producer Joe Neate.

In the brig they had Lead Designer James Thomas and the special guest was Tommy from the Twitch channel 2Angry Gamers.

The theme was Ask the chat, where they sailed around and asked the chat what to do and or where to go.

In terms of theme success, the stream was asked a handful of times what to do, and the crew followed as best they could

This week the wheel of other players emotions, was complementary for their goals

It was used a total of 3 times

  1. Gun Powder Barrel
  2. Guest Chat Decides
  3. Sea of Skill

Once all the introductions are done and the theme of the stream explained, they mentioned that Joe was on some heavy duty pain killers, however, didn’t explain until later that this was due to his back and beck being sore. Throughout the stream, Joe made some funny remarks, which can only be attributed to the pain killers as they were so out of character.

Unfortunately, due to Joe’s state we didn’t get any spoilers and information was very thin.

Although we were told that they’d recently had a conversation about more female oriented clothing for pirates, and how they’re going to look into this more.

Confirmation that the 20th March is an announcement for whats coming in the Mega update however, no details as to what this will entail or how long between the announcement and it’s release, which no one seems to follow up with. Even a ball park number of days or weeks would be nice.

We got confirmation that row boats do not spawn at outposts,

and teased with information about the skull cloud, and how it is actually different colours and potentially meaning something. Answering was deferred to Steven Frost, a Software Engineer, who normally watches the stream. Sadly, he wasn’t watching this time so we didn’t get any confirmation as to what they mean.

They were asked what common trope relating to pirates, that didn’t work in game? Joe couldn’t think straight enough to answer so James picked up the conversation and we got told that walking the plank didn’t work as it felt forced, betraying your crew was another one which resulted in you playing for 2 hours and the biggest jerk ended up winning or making the time spent played, overall unpleasant.

Another question was why don’t bananas or fruits grow from trees? James replied saying that it wasn’t fun to farm them from trees. They did have coconuts that’d fall from the tree and knock you out, but it also wasn’t fun, so it was removed.

More confirmation that pets will be added to the game, in the Mega update and monetized. They were going to be added in earlier but they decided they wanted to focus on content before money.

They gave away 2 codes for obsidian item sets where you had to guess 1 number.

Ive got a rundown including time stamps of everything that happened within the stream if you’re interested, head over to my website via the link in the description although that was all that was mentioned in the stream worth reporting on, the stream itself was entertaining and watching Joe’s outbursts. Even though this stream was light on the details and spoilers, it was a stream for entertainment’s sake so if that’s your jam then you’d love this stream, if you enjoy watching for the extra bits of information give this one a skip.


Time Stamps from stream of interest


H M S Notes
7 49 Legendary Quest placed
9 3 James visable upset with Merchanyt Alliance quests being spoken about as trashy quests + reminder that they’re being improved
12 51 Event: Skele ship
14 41 Question: Arena out yet? Answer: No
15 5 Discussion on Joe’s shirt and where he got it from, DesignedByHumans. He bought it, didn’t get it given
17 4 James wants ability to randomise ship design which flowed into a Question: Can we get saved sets. Answer: Wasn’t one given
18 13 Jon will play again soon
19 11 Question: What’s going to be leaked today? Answer: Not much, Joe’s in pain. Sat differently (back instead of forward)
22 50 Joke about double gun method
22 59 Option: Should we raise Reapers Mark? Answer: yes
25 10 Question: Shrouded Ghost is quite rare, does it require anything to spawn, like fog? Answer: No (long story short) Joe trolled saying yes, whereas previously he’s said no. Moved into discussion about storms/fog
26 26 Red mermaid
27 4 Question: More variety for female clothing Answer: Yes, working on it
28 37 James uses the Crew Launch Eye of Reach (don’t know why this was note worthy, but its a personal favourite)
29 ?? Ferryman Sword being used by Joe, came with controller
29 52 WOOPE: Gunpowder Barrel
31 35 Question: Why chat decides, is WOOPE not working? Answer: Just fun
33 38 Funny Joe Quote “Mad skills”
34 39 Question: Will we get another road map like last year? Answer: They’re figuring out the Mega update at the moment and figuring out how to release information beyond that
36 20 Reaper flag up
36 42 Option: Full bean into crew with barrel or chat and trick? Answer: Full bean
38 55 Question: What day is the Mega Update announcement coming out? Answer: 20th March
40 0 Target ship skuttled, as they exploded a gunpowder barrel, damaging their own ship
41 55 Offering red gem for a rap song/poem from a random person
43 45 Option: Go to skull for or not? Answer: Yes
44 29 Guest interaction with random player was funny, resulting in him getting randomly shot in the face
47 7 Discussion about how win always seems to be against you, when you’re going to a fort. Joe goes around saying its the skull blowing you. Jon says it isn’t true, that’s not how it works. Joe says he’ll make it true
48 35 Question: Any chance of a giant crab? Answer: None given
49 16 Question: Do Skull Forts have different colours or is it a hue? If different, what do they mean? Answer: We’ll diferr to Steven Frost. Frost not in chat. No answer
50 9 James have to wait until we get closer. Still didn’t give an answer
52 49 Question: How big is a square, 1km? Answer: “yes” – Joe, to which Jon tells him to stop spreading untruths.
53 22 Skull disappears
53 45 Confirmation: Skull disappearing is the same animation whether it’s defeated or despawned
55 40 Confirmation: Row boats don’t spawn on Outposts
58 24 Saw cloud ship up, didn’t go towards it but accepted that fort wasn’t going to respawn
59 51 Question: Can you put 1 dev on a PC during a stream? Answer: James said that he’s playing on a PC, but options show Xbox. Presume he meant he plays on PC at home
1 6 10 WOOPE: Guest chat decides – to sell/trade the random person on the ship, to the other ship
1 12 12 Alliance flag up
1 14 46 WOOPE: Sea of Skill
1 16 33 Event: Meg
1 25 40 Epxlination that Joe has a sore back and a crick in his neck, preventing him from sleeping and the reason he’s on ‘strong’ pain killers
1 27 30 Joe exclaims that there is a dog touching him
1 36 0 Give way
1 46 43 Question: What common pirate trope, didn’t work in game? Answer: Walk the plank and double crossing your team
1 50 7 Joe doesn’t want to spin the wheel
1 51 40 Pets part of the Mega update and will be for sale for real money
1 54 51 Question: Why don’t we have bananas in the trees? Answer: Its not fun, we did have Coconuts that fell at random and decided that wasn’t fun so removed it
1 58 20 Question: Was burrying treasure ever added or thought about? Answer: Not fun to do that, so nope
1 59 0 Question: What do I do if I’ve bought the game, but don’t have friends? Answer: Use open crew or discord/facebook groups to find other people to play
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