Yes, you can raise a giga in a small tribe or even solo. Watch this video to find out how!

Raising a Giga in Ark is a daunting process when you think about how long it actually takes. You think, how can I possibly do this? Well let this video be your guide, without the lets play stuff to getting in the way.

This guide is aimed at medium to advanced players, who are aware of how to raise a dinosaur in the first place. People who play in either solo or duo tribes and work. Yes, its possible to raise a giga solo while working. This guide is also for people who work fulltime.


Unfortunately, you need to accept that if you work fulltime, you won’t get 100% imprint. This is because the imprints are 8h apart and well unless you work from home, can have 2 weeks off or have a laptop you can bring with you, you’re not going to be available to do it. However, a 200+ giga is going to rip pretty much everything apart, so it isn’t that horrible.


So first, you need to prepare. The most important thing you can do while raising a giga, especially if you work is preparation. The second most important thing is timing.


To prepare, you need to have enough air conditioners to hatch the egg itself. Secondly, you need to have LOTS of fridges, stacked with cooked meat, and it’ll be helpful to have at least 1 industrial grill.


By lots of fridges, I’m talking more than 10. We started with 11 and ended up adding even more after the fact. The reason you want lots of fridge’s is so that you can prefarm the meat you need for the days/weeks ahead. Having multiple industrial grills also means that you can cook the meat faster and it’s less of a bottle neck in processing the raw meat to cooked. We started with 3 and ended up adding a totally new structure with I think 14 grills for convenience.


Ideally, you’ll already have something you can farm the meat quickly with, like a rex.


To recap the preparation:
– Fridges: At least 10. Just think of it as the more fridges you have, the easier it’ll be our end total was 21.
– Industrail Grills: At least 1. Again, the more you have the easier, and quicker it’ll be. We went with 14.
– Airconditioners and an egg itself.


Next, you want to pre-hatch the egg and bring it down as close as you can to 00:00 seconds without it hatching. 5-10 seconds is ideal.
Now you want to think about timing. You’re going to have to babysit the baby giga for a solid few hours. By hatching it first thing saturday morning, you’ll have the entire day and all of the weekend to babysit it.


One important thing to concider is the time it takes for a giga to become a baby and your ability to look after it over a 2 day period and ask yourself, is it worth waiting for a x2 breeding event? If you’re wanting one ASAP, then drop that egg… Otherwise, I’d recommend waiting until there was a breeding event to shorten the time period that the giga is a baby for convenience.

A giga doesn’t eat meat super fast, it’s the same consumption rate as other dinosaurs. The slow part is that their weight doesn’t increase as quickly as you’d expect for something so big. Meaning you’re stuck clicking and dragging or pressing T over stacks of meat for at least an hour before you can really do much of anything else and it’s hours before you can comfortably leave it alone. It isn’t terrible and it does get easier as time goes on. You wouldn’t be able to leave for any great period of time eg: go on a meat run in game or go down to the shops for a quick lunch. You’re stuck at that PC for the next few hours. You want to set alside about 6 hours to babysit the baby giga after you’ve hatched it.


From this point on, it’s an endurance run. Checking the inventory of the giga to make sure it has enough food on it and doing whatever else it is you need or want to do, whether that’s on the PC or away from the keyboard. At the end of the first night, use Crumplebum to figure out how long you have to sleep until it becomes a juvenile.


At this stage, you have to make sure you’re logging in to check the troughs to make sure they’re full. Use multiple troughs to ensure you’re covered while you’re not online and or sleeping.


Set alarms to make sure you wake up and then login so that you can refill the troughs with the cooked meat from the fridges. You’ll get ball park 5 to 8 hours sleep, depending on your gigas food and weight totals. Again using crumplebum will help you figure out the exact time you have.


I recommend hatching the egg around 8AM in the morning, that way your imprint schedule is 4PM, midnight and then 8AM or whatever you can manage while working.


The most difficult part of raising a giga is the first few hours, where it isn’t holding enough to do much anything. However, if you clear out a weekend it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Myths and Tips
One myth that I heard when I was researching how to raise my own gigas was that you had to stay in render distance for the giga to keep eating. This is false. While there is a bug that randomly kills baby dinos with food in their inventory, it isn’t specific to gigas and doesn’t care if you’re standing right next to them or out of render distance. It’s something that you randomly have to deal with.


They don’t consume meat quickly as babies, but they do consume a lot of meat while babies. As in, they’re eating a lot of meat, just not doing it quickly. It isn’t like you’re putting a stack of meat into a trough surrounded by starving dinosaurs, it’s the normal chomp some meat, wait, wait some more and then chomp some meat again.


You don’t have to be in a big tribe to raise a giga. What better way to corner the market than to get people believing that you do. You can do it solo, you can also team up with an alliance of players and use a communal breeding pen with troughs that are pincoded to feed them as juveniles if you know you’re unable to login for some time.


You can also use kibble to feed your giga with, so if you did have to leave but wanted a small safety net throw in as much kibble as you can. Kibble has a massive expiration timer and still feeds the babies, juveniles and growing dinosaurs.


Thats it. Yes it’s daunting. By about day 3 you’ll be hankering for a proper sleep and by day 9 you’re wondering if it’s worth it. Once your giga is an adult and can be ridden, you realise, yes it was.
Enjoy your new gigas!


If you do end up raising a giga, let me know in the comment section below or post a picture to Twitter and @shilliantYT #Giga2018


Hope you found it helpful. Let me know in the comment section below if you’re going to try raising your own giga! Don’t forget to click the like button, subscribe if you haven’t already. Ding the notification button. Hope you’re having a lovely day, till next time!
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