Watch the video above and let me know in the comment section below, if you find all 5 of the hidden rock elementals within the screenshots!

Rock elemental are the bane of any survivor trying to start out in Scorched Earth, spotting one ahead of time is crucial to not being pounded into sand and more importantly having your dinos being obliterated.

So how do you spot one?

This article will tell you how! Lets get to it!

First, the basics. Rock elementals come in 2 forms the disguised rock mode and the fully formed rock monster. Rock elementals lay dormant until you get somewhat close to them. However, knowing how to spot one is the difference between in game life and death.

The rock elementals disguised mode is always the same. So familiarise yourself with this particular rock formation. To help you with seeing this first hand, they are super easy to spot on the grey mountains within Scorched Earth, this will help you get a better look at them from all angles and be more engaging for you than any video can show you.

If you’re in doubt, you can bring out your scope and zoom in on the rock, because the game will show “Rock Elemental <level>” when you scan over the top of it. So move back and forth over the rock a few times to confirm that you’ve spotted one.

Sometimes they are easy to spot because their texture is slightly different to the normal rocks and the rock elemental stands out as its slightly different from the scenery around it

Rock elementals have a smoother, dual tone surface and can sometimes spawn in places that look unnatural for a rock to be. Where as Rocks have a rough and multi coloured look to them,

It’s also handy to keep in mind that normal rocks tend to spawn in clusters so if you see a long rock on it’s own, and aren’t sure, look with your scope to double check.

Sometimes, if you’re a little laggy like I am, the rock elementals jiggle a little when you get close to them, which is also something to keep an eye out for

It’s also worth familiarising yourself with where they spawn. Generally speaking they can spawn anywhere. However, it’s very common for them to spawn across the western third of the map and on all mountains… They are commonly found in the middle third and uncommonly found along the eastern third.

When you’re out exploring or travelling back and forth around the map, it’s best to have your dinos on passive. That way IF you do encounter a rock elemental they aren’t going to pile on to the giant and cop a Big Show size WMD fist to the face. It also helps to ensure that you’ve always got at least 1/3 stamina so that you can sprint away from the rock elemental if you do happen to wake them from their slumber. Use the environment around you to help block any rocks that are thrown at you and should you need to check behind you, use K and pan around while moving away instead of stopping to have a look.

Another tip is to limit the dinosaurs that you take with you and or reduce the size of the train by having a few dinosaurs follow each other so that your not dragging past dinosaurs past the rock elemental as you try to run away.

As always, I’ll try to reply to any questions or comments below and keep the video updated with annotations if and when necessary. Got a topic you want to suggest? Send a tweet to @Shillianth and I’ll see what i can do.


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