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Ark tables and cheat sheets updated – Better late than never!

By November 14, 2015No Comments

AllosaurusFinally got some free time to update the website with the two new dinosaurs the Angler and the Kairuku.

  • Admin Cheat Sheet Table – summon code, saddle ID, crafting LVL, kibble name and ID.
  • Breeding Table – Temperatures required for each egg to hatch, suggested pen size and birth method (egg / laid).
  • Dino Kibble Table – What goes into the kibble and who likes it. I love the images that are going around, but I find them difficult to follow sometimes. This list helps me with this dino’s egg works on that dino, so I figure it might help others too.
  • Maps for Ark – Three different versions of the map including a plain map, grid and approx temperature zones. Additionally each map has the place names.

Someone has posted in the past that the website isn’t mobile friendly. I’ve tried to fix this and I’ve also adjusted the menus to make it more user friendly. Fingers crossed it’s worked. It’s showing fine on my own iPhone, iPad and website emulators.


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