Quick Rundown

Quick reference information
  • Prolific storyteller and possible liar
  • Trusted only a few people
  • Cursed, but wanted a cure
  • Superhuman ability to break out of jails/cells
  • While human she was a known adventurer
  • As a Skeleton Lord, she is known as a ruthless murderer

Ship: Homeward Dove


Tall Tales


Verified bits of information that have been sourced and or connected to something (Sited)
  • Was known as unpredictable wild card (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Briggsy was a nick name, earned by her ability to escape from jails/cells
  • (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Frequently went unheard from for weeks at a time, would come back with wild stories about creatures in jungles (Stone Golems) and battles against fleets etc (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Frequently changing crew at her whim (Athena’s Fortune)
  • People didn’t know what to think of her, but people did know of her (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Was the first to offer to break into a chest that Remsey had created to protect the treasure inside. Resulting in her breaking her tools (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Fought on Homeward Dove, against the kraken that appeared at Golden Sands. Was said to be shouting every rude word known to man. Also stuck spikes into the raken’s hide (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Stayed around while Ramsey recovered from the Kraken attack at Golden Sands (Athena’s Fortune)
  • Would drink at The Unicorn tavern, located on the Ancient Isles (Recalled by Tasha, barmaid. Tall Tale #3)
  • Was viewed as a hero to children who heard her stories and aspired to be a pirate themselves (Recalled by Tasha, barmaid. Tall Tale #3)
  • Sort adventure and riches, yearned to sail  (Recalled by Tasha, barmaid. Tall Tale #3)
  • Overheard a girl talking about merfolk earrings via eavesdropping (Found in Captain Briggsy’s journals, Tall Tale #3)
  • Found out about the Shroudbreaker via eavesdropping (Found in Captain Briggsy’s journals, Tall Tale #3)
  • Said she was excited to tell the girl (Tasha) about the Shores of Gold (Found in Captain Briggsy’s journals, Tall Tale #3)
  • Glad that the girl (Tasha) can’t see her cursed (Found in Captain Briggsy’s journals, Tall Tale #3)
  • Only trusted a few people with sensitive information, one of those people being Sudds (Tall Tale #4)

Background / Story

Unofficial story, written by Shillianth. Not to be replicated or used without permission.

Captain Briggsy’s real name is currently unknown within the lore, her story before arriving in the Sea of Thieves is also shrouded in mystery. However, she has created a reputation for herself as being an adventuring, cutthroat, wild card.

While human, Captain Briggsy appeared to be caring and formed relationships with a few people, although kept most at arm’s length. The person she seemed to trust the most was Sudds, an elderly astronomer, whom she thought of highly. Sudds being the only person to share the whereabouts of her treasures.

She was one of three pirate captains called to a coalition meeting, by Ramsey Singh AKA the Pirate Lord, the other two being Captain Eli Slate from the ship Morningstar and Captain Graymarrow from The Twisted Horn. This was probably due to her reputation for being able to break out of any jail that she found herself in. Being able to pick locks, alluding to a less than stellar childhood, she jumped at the chance to try and open one of Ramsey’s cursed chests however, was unable to and resulted in all of her tools breaking. She stayed and helped battle the kraken that attacked the Golden Sands Outpost, during the same coalition meeting, earning her the a reputation as being a Kraken killer.

Her most recent ship, Homeward Dove was a small and nimble, two person sloop that she was able to sail around proficiently. She was known to change her crew frequently and often left her own ship to drift off into the distance and hop on to someone else’s.

It’s unknown why she formed an attachment to a child, Tasha from Ancient Isles, however it is clear that Captain Briggsy enjoyed their time together as she is referenced a few times within Briggsy’s journals, going so far as showing shame that she was now cursed and glad that the girl wouldn’t see her like this.

Now a cursed Skeleton Lord, Captain Briggsy is in search for a cure and is said to be “too dangerous” for normal bounty hunters to approach as she’s been consumed by evil and is fearsome opponent to all who come across her. As a Pirate Lord in game, she has the ability to teleport, spawn waves of skeletons and command them, as well as the ability to punt people away doing high amounts of damage. However, she is killed during Tall Tales The Cursed Rogue, at which point her skull is collected and delivered to Madame Olivia who uses magic to pull out the memories and then nonchalantly discards it.

Future Questions

Information (if any) that I want to find out
  • Wanted a cure, had she heard about one?
  • Who was the Nasty Man at Galleon’s Grave?
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