Quick Rundown

Quick reference information
  • Adoptive father and son
  • Senior stole Cursed Cannons
  • Senior also sunk Magpie's Wing
  • Junior turned into a Skeleton Lord
  • Inspired Wanda to make Cursed Cannon Balls
  • Found Kraken chest, rediscovered by Diving Bel

Ship: Senior - Burning Blade Junior - Silver Blade (Wanted: Liberdade)


Tall Tales


Verified bits of information that have been sourced and or connected to something (Sited)
  • Captain Flameheart Senior was stole Cursed Cannon from the Ferry of the Damned
  • Also sunk Ramsey Singh, The Pirate Lord's ship, The Magpie's Wing
  • Captain Flameheart Junior was adopted by Captain Flameheart Senior
  • Brought up in real world, later venturing to Sea of Thieves thanks to Isidro
  • Other crew members were Rosie, self appointed Quartermaster and Tomas, deck boy
  • Accepted mission from random lady, which turned out to be Kraken chest
  • Silver Blade sunk, with Kraken chest on board. Crew marooned on island
  • Follows a riddle down to a cave, drinking from cursed chalice that turns him into a Skeleton Lord

Background / Story

Unofficial story, written by Shillianth. Not to be replicated or used without permission.

While starting this journey, reading about Flameheart Senior and Junior it was sometimes a little confusing as to who did what and was it going to be Senior or Junior that is foretold within the screenshots appearing on Reddit, as the name Flameheart belongs to two notorious pirates within the Sea of Thieves universe, an adoptive father and son. So I started finding out everything I could about the Flameheart family. This will be a long one, so sit back and relax while I dive into the Sea of Thieves Lore.

In the Sea of Thieves timeline, Flameheart Senior was around the Sea of Thieves at the same time as Ramsey Singh, the Pirate Lord. However, Flameheart Senior’s story takes a dark path. We don’t know all of the specifics of what he did in order to obtain his reputation as one of the most feared pirates of all time however, you’d have to be pretty fearsome in order to get away with stealing a cursed cannon from the Ferry of the Damned and attaching it to his own ship, Burning Blade. Something we learn about via Wanda and Salty, when they turn into Captain Warsmith and Salty the Parrot. It’s also said that Flameheart Senior was the one to sink Captain Ramsey, the Pirate Lord’s ship, the Magpie’s Wing.

However, Flameheart Senior had a soft spot at some point in time as he ended up adopting a child shortly after the boy was born. We currently don’t know any details as to how this exchange came about however, it has been teased that we will find out more at some point.

The boy was raised by Flameheart Senior on his estate back in the “real world”. Given Flameheart’s wealth, the boy was to be an upstanding member of the community, with the finest things in life one could have. At the start of the book “Tales from the Sea of Thieves” we are introduced to an unnamed man, whose journey we follow from being a scholar to a pirate. We read through his diary and discover that Flameheart Senior died comfortably in his sleep while on his estate. This is significant because there is no known way of resurrecting someone, if they’ve died outside of the Sea of Thieves. This book is being written by Flameheart Junior, without giving us any evidence of his real name. So a time jump of approximately 20 years has happened within the story line.

Moving on to Flameheart Junior, this story starts out as the previously mentioned unnamed author and we learn as the author does, how he transitioned from being an upstanding citizen, to a pirate via the book “Tales from the Sea of Thieves”, as the book moves into being a diary to ship log.

We learn that the scholar got nowhere trying to recruit his own crew and finding a ship of his own to travel through the Devil’s Shroud to the land of the Sea of Thieves. It wasn’t until he used one of his father’s Ancient Coins, currency within the Sea of Thieves, that he eventually found Isidro (Is-a-dro), a sailor who was able to recruit a crew, obtain a ship called the Silver Blade and traverse the path safely and arrive at the Sea of Thieves. Coincidently, the Insiders cosmetic ship set is called the Silver Blade as a way to tie the Insider set into the lore. This cosmetic set is currently still available, spend 1 hour per week for 15 weeks to obtain the entire set and gold along the way. The author is promptly named Captain of the crew and gives himself the name Captain Flameheart to pay homage to his adoptive father.

Upon arriving at the Sea of Thieves, the crew travel to an Outpost where Captain Flameheart talks with an ambassador from the Gold Hoarders, who details how their trading company works. Later Captain Flameheart is taken from the captain’s cabin by Isidro and directed to an old woman who was described as having netted tattoos that may have been moving and has a mystical feel about her. She explains that she had a secret so valuable that she had been holding onto it since she was a small girl, and then says that it’s fo the utmost importance that they act on it quickly, as the island that holds the treasure might be swallowed up by the Devil’s Shroud.

Captain Flameheart decides to accept the old woman’s map and head to The Wilds to find the chest. Upon finding it with little to no drama, it is described as being “a small, slate-black chest that sat surprisingly untouched by the passive of time. Silvery, illegible script scrawled across every surface , betraying no clue as to the contents or its original owner.” Red Rosie, one of the crew members and self appointed quartermaster, was stopped from opening the chest by Isidro as it may have been cursed. As such, they decide to keep the chest in the brig of their ship.

Before dawn the next day, the Silver Blade’s bell was being rung, to alert the sleeping crew to an oncoming ship. As Isidro and Red Rosie were firing cannons, Tomas, the deck boy, was repairing the holes in the hull, Captain Flameheart took to the wheel and turned sharply. Unbeknownst to him, he had set the Silver Blade, directly into the Devil’s Shroud. As Flameheart comes to the realisation that his ship isn’t just sinking, it’s dying, he makes it to the main deck with his worldly possessions and jumps overboard with the rest of his crew into the freezing sea.

The mysterious cursed chest sunk with the ship as it was locked within the brig. However, they were able to salvage some supplies to take back to a nearby island. It’s at this point that the author claims to be a scholar no more that his old life is dead and he is now the embodiment of Captain Flameheart.

While exploring on the island that they retreated to, Flameheart finds the remains of a skeleton who was holding a riddle. The crew decide to figure out what the riddle was and follow the clues as it takes them down a deep cave. As they make their way through the cave, they come across a chalice that contains a never ending supply of water. As they’re thirsty and have no other options, the crew decide to drink from it, unbeknownst to them it’s obviously cursed with magic. The crew and Flameheart slowly lose their desire to eat, drink and sleep while slowly turning into skeletons. Somehow Flameheart retains his memories, making him a Skeleton Lord.

After an unknown period of time, delirium sets in and Flameheart continues wandering through the cave, eventually finding the end where he finds another Skeleton Lord, who introduced himself as The Cap’n. He says that he’s heard talk about other Skeleton Lords and it’s written in the book that he “would look forward to crushing their bones given such an opportunity”. It is then revealed that it was the Cap’n who invited him to the cave via the riddle, leaving the golden chalice for him within the cave, knowing that they would eventually have to drink it and then become enthralled by the sweet tasting water inside.

It’s at this point that Flameheart explains that only he retained his memories, he and his crew are all dead and disintegrating. However, Cap’n outlines the upsides being he’ll have eternal life, pursue endless venture, reap untold rewards, all while never needing to stop for dinner. While humans will be terrified, not all will attack on sight. Flameheart asks Cap’n one question, before ending his ship log “Why me?” To which the Cap’n replies, “You remind me of your father. A fine crewman, ‘till he stranded me here. Perhaps you’ll make an equally fine replacement”.

In a way, Flameheart Junior was created by Flameheart Senior, in more ways than one. First Senior adopted Junior, raised him as a son. As a child Junior was told stories by Senior of how he’d go on adventures, he’d fill Junior’s head with stories of Pirate Legends and Skeleton Lords, within the start of “Tales from the Sea of Thieves” book Flameheart Junior foreshadows his own transformation by saying how Senior would “Upon his return, he would sit me upon his knee and regale me with his adventures, igniting a burning desire within my chest to see these places for myself.” Additionally, had Senior not stranded his old Captain, Cap’n on the island, with the golden cursed chalice, Junior would never have been turned.

We find out later within the Tales from the Sea of Theives book, via Marisabel (Maryse-a-bel), also known as Diving Bel, that she finds the bones of Flameheart on a beach of what we can only assume to be the same unknown island that he was stranded on, comments in a few entries that she has noticed they move location but not while she’s looking and that Flameheart must still be a good guy despite being a Skeleton Lord. She also locates the cursed chest and was able to decipher some of the inscription, it read “do not open”. She took the chest aboard her ship, the Plundered Crown and attempted to return it to the Merfolk, who wanted nothing to do with it.

The Plundered Crown come across the Salty Hippo of the Twisted Knife crew and a man named Cole who appears to know a lot about the cursed chest, asking her if it’s whispered to her yet. As it happens on day 25, after she heard it whispering a kraken appeared and almost destroyed her ship. She says the chest has changed in its appearance, that it now has a face peering through a glasslike surface. The chest is thrown overboard and the kraken releases her ship, following the chest to the depths.

This is where the story of Wanda come Captain Warsmith takes over. How she was obsessed with Flameheart Senior, obtained his cursed cannon from the Burning Blade via Salty and used the cannon to create cursed cannon balls. When the Outposts refused to sell her cursed cannon balls, she continued working with the cursed metal and during an experiment, where she used human Salty as a shield, exploded the two of them. Resulting in both being turned into skeletons, her Captain Warsmith and Salty... a parrot. She then went on and resurrected an army of skeletons which is how we have Skeleton ships on the seas. However, she was also killed through the Cursed Sails storyline, yet her workshop, located on Wanderers Refuge has changed since her passing.

In addition to Wanda obsessing over Flameheart, we’ve also had a Box of Wondrous secrets added to the game via the Forsaken Shores DLC. This relates to Flameheart as the runes that are engraved on the box itself, can be translated using the runes from the first Tall Tales story, introduced in the Anniversary Event.

• Across the front of the box, the runes read “Flame to Heart”.
• The top says “Bone Flame, to Lord Skeleton”
• The rear says “Flame Bone Skeleton”
• Left says Skeleton Lord and
• The right says Heart Bone
• The bottom has no runes

The Box of Wondrous Secrets, turns in to Grace Morrow, an NPC at Morrows Point in the Devil’s Roar.
Grace Morrow was the leader of a 2 ship alliance, called the Forsaken Alliance. They discovered the Devil’s Roar and was the captain of the original Shroud Breaker. Stitcher Jim was also a part of the alliance, on the second ship. They found the Box of Wondrous Secrets and it was at this point that Stitcher Jim revealed himself to be a traitor and murderer. He poisoned the alliance, including Grace. However, Grace had what appeared to be a past time with drinking strange things and the poison didn’t kill her, just knocked her about and ruined her face. Stitcher Jim attempted to take the Box of Wondrous Secrets to the Gold Hoarders, but was marooned on an island, where he buried it to come back to later. Meanwhile the Shroud Breaker was sunk in a battle with Red Maw, a particularly nasty Megalodon and Grace ended up on Morrows Peak where she setup an Outpost and offers $25,000 ancient coins to anyone else who finds a Box of Wondrous Secrets. We can assume that the box is holding something to do with Flameheart, given the runes.

Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to tell what order these events happened as there isn’t any specific time reference in any of them, other than Senior being dead for all of them, and Junior was turned into a Skeleton Lord at the very least by Bel and Grace’s parts in the story.

It was said by someone on Reddit, that the Flameheart story would be explored as an expansion through Tall Tales however, I was unable to find any reference to this being the case. In saying that, if we look at the cinematic trailer, we see the Gold Hoarder, which is followed by Flameheart, in conjunction with the Box of Wondrous Secrets being introduced and changes to Wanda’s workshop, one would have to believe, that Flameheart will be the first story line added to Tall Tales.

Future Questions

Information (if any) that I want to find out
  • Will Captain Flameheart Junior be a good guy or bad guy?
  • Will the chest he found, be introduced in game, as a chest that brings a Kraken?
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