In Sims 4 game play  changed from living inside an entire world to living inside a lot of a neighbourhood, but what does that all mean?



The world is like the city you live in. It encompasses the smaller suburbs and individual houses. In Sims 4, this is called a World. Examples are Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.


Using the above analogy, the neighbourhood would be the suburb that your sim lives in or is visiting. It is a group of smaller homes or businesses grouped together that can be combined together to create a city or world, or it can be further broken down. Each neighbourhood within Sims 4 has one or more public spaces that are accessible at any time without a loading screen.


A lot in sims 4 is a home, venue or public space. Visitng each lot in the Sims 4 has a loading time, even if it is within the same neighbourhood. The only places that don’t have a loading time are the shared spaces of each Neighbourhood.

Hidden Maps

They are individual maps that are not part of a world or neighbourhood. They are stand alone lots that are accessed once they have been discovered and unlocked. Click here for more information on hidden maps.