The theme this week was “Fear the Reaper” where they sailed around collecting Reaper Chests

The host was Jon McFarlane, joined by Jason Cross the  Arena Producer as a cohost. In the brig was Valentine, Principal Technical Artist and also the voice actor for 5 characters within the game including Duke. He was also responsible for clouds, the sky and ropes on ships. The guest this week was Edge, co founder of the Sea of Champions who are hosting a PvP charity event on the 19th October that you can watch on Twitch and Mixer.

They mentioned that the people at Sea of Champions came to Rare with a very business like proposal which they appreciated and followed through with.

WOOPE was back and used a total of 9 times however most of the ships scuttled themselves before they were able to do anything. They managed to sink a galleon and had a Hungering One spawn on them that they obliterated. At one point early on they were attacked by a brig that sent a rowboat out with a few gunpowder barrels on it that they sailed right over.

Questions were as follows:

Will we get Arena Sails in Adventure mode? Yes we will, they’re just looking at how to go about implementing them.

Is Crooks Hallow haunted? No idea. Captain Falcore is investigating it and Gullible Gambit went and had a look but ended up haunted it instead.

Will they implement Tall Tales with multiple endings? No answer was given, but the question was read out.

Will they be bringing out another limited xbox controller run? No they won’t they were limited editions.

Can they describe the next update in 1 word. Solid. Spooky and Rock Hard was also used.

Can Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance items be shown indivudially as you level them up instead of 1 item that upgrades. To which they answered, that is very specific, lots of items to show and unknown whether or not it’ll happen.

When will the equipment glitch be fixed? Next update.

Are they still giving away Obsidian packs? Yes. They gave away 3 within the stream and they aren’t case sensitive when entered.

Will we ever be able to change ships in game? They want to but it’s difficult. Servers are also balanced and this would throw the balance off.

Will there be a new fort in the Sea of the Damned? No, but there is a new one coming.

How do you find Ancient Skeletons? They just appear

Jon asked Jason if there can be more than “this many” pointing to the 3 Reaper Chests on board. To which Jason shakes his head no.

They were asked whether or not Cats would be added as a pet. They didn’t give an answer just mentioned that there is art work and they were added in the 2016 E3 Trailer.

Why isn’t Sea of Thieves on PS4. Rare is owned by Microsoft, that also owns Xbox. So they’ve made the choice to remain Xbox/PC only.

Who edits the Highlight videos for the Sea of Thieves channel? Andrew Robertson.

They also read out the question “who is the girl on island I13”? Jon answered something short but I was unable to hear it, even when going  back over it multiple times.

Arena will have a sloop mode at some point.

Next week the stream will be prior to the event going live, so they won’t be able to show any of it off. Presumably information will be in the Dev Update.

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