This article will explain how to get the Happy Ending where the MM, BoS and RR are at relative peace with each other. This article will contain spoilers and has assumed knowledge of the game. For the purpose of this article a quest can be mentioned as a whole or referenced as objectives. Objectives being the actions you are required to do in order to compete the quest itself. In some parts it is essential to complete some objectives without handing in the quest until later.


When I finished Fallout 4 for the first time, I cried. I sided with the Brotherhood of Steel. They felt like they were the only dominant force of power that could stand a chance to bring back any resemblance of peace, albeit an iron fisted peace. It felt like the Rail Road didn’t care what happened to the Commonwealth or the people living in it, as long as the human-like Synths weren’t in the Institute. The Minuetmen didn’t seem like they had enough power to actually make an army, numbers yes but it would be at the high cost of human life. Whereas the Institute used me like a pawn in their quest for global domination at whatever cost to the surface, with the title of Director but no actual power to change anything due to temperamental department heads threatening mutiny. Not cool Father-Son, not cool. Taking down the Institute was brilliant. I felt like Rambo. Pew. Pew. Pew. But I couldn’t get over the fact that I had to kill Glory in order to achieve this peace.

Glory has been my favourite character so far. I loved completing the Memory Interrupted quest because I got to fight along side her. It was brilliant. Even though I’d completed the game, had a great selection of weapons and an awesome Sanctuary layout, I started over with the intention of following through with the Rail Road. When I played through and Glory died again, this time defending the people inside the Rail Road. I cried again (lol) much to my husband’s and our friends amusement.

When I heard about the ending of the game that said the Minutemen (MM), Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) and the Rail Road (RR) are friendly with each other, I had to give it a shot. If only to see whether or not Glory survives this play through. I Googled and read through some guides. Once I was finished, I wanted to share my experience and quest list so that others can follow along as well.

This is how I completed it.

Quest Type
Out of Time Main
When Freedom Calls MM Main
Jewel of the Commonwealth Main
The First Step MM Radiant
Sanctuary MM Side quest
Order Up Side quest
Story of the Century Side quest
Road to Freedom Main
Unlikely Valentine Main
Getting a Clue Main
Reunions* Main
Fire Support BoS Main
Call to Arms BoS Main
Semper Invicta BoS Main
Quartermastery BoS Radiant
Cleansing the Commonwealth BoS Radiant
The Lost Patrol BoS Side Quest
Clearing the way for Oberland Station MM Radiant
Taking Independence MM Main
Returning the Favor MM Side quest
Old Guns MM Main
Dangerous Minds* Main
The Glowing Sea Main
Hunter / Hunted Main
The Molecular Level Main
Tradecraft* RR Main
Shadow of Steel* BoS Main
Inside Job MM Main
Institutionalized Main
Form Ranks* MM Main
Defend the Castle* MM Main
Tour of Duty BoS Main
Show No Mercy BoS Main
Boston After Dark RR Side quest
Butcher’s Bill RR Side quest
Weathervane: Backstreet Apparel RR Radiant
In Sheep’s Clothing Side quest
Butchers Bill 2 RR Side quest
Defend Jamica Plains MM Side quest
Mercer Safehouse RR Radiant
Memory Interupted RR Side quest
Variable Removal Wattz Used Electronics RR Radiant
The Nuclear Option*  

The table shows a list of quests, as completed in my play through that resulted in the “Happy Ending”. There are a few tricky bits that you need to be aware of to get this as an outcome. Quests with an asterisk * next to them have to be completed at a particular time. However, you to complete most objectives up to handing them in. Read below for details. Side quests were only completed as I ran across them. It’s also worth mentioning that you will probably fail some quests and that’s OK.

Using a fresh game complete the main quests Out of time, Jewel of the Commonwealth, Road to Freedom, Unlikely Valentine and Getting a Clue. It’s likely that you’ll also have completed some of the MM quests such as When Freedom Calls, the First Step and Sanctuary.

Once you’re given Reunions, you can complete all the objectives up until you need to enter Fort Hagen. Instead, head to the Cambridge Police Station and start with the BoS, including the side quest The Lost Patrol. It is preferable to try to get Brandis to rejoin the BOS. Also complete 1 of each radiant quests from each of the 2 BoS NPCs there.

Complete Reunions and Dangerous Minds. Depending on how you’ve been going with your settlements, you may or may not have The Castle at this point. To trigger the quest Taking Independence you need 4 settlements. Once you’ve obtained The Castle as a settlement, move Preston to the Castle. Complete Old Guns as soon as it’s presented to you and then leave the Castle and don’t go back until instructed later.

Follow with the main quest and complete The glowing Sea, Hunter / Hunted as well as The Molecular Level. The Molecular Level will require you to venture to the RR and have Tinker Tom analyse the chip. You do not need to follow the entire red paved trail, you can just enter the church and dial the password RAILROAD. Agree to Desdemona’s terms however, use Sturges to talk to about the Signal Interceptor where possible and have him build it for you.

At this point complete Shadow of Steel’s objectives (with BoS) up until the vertibird needs to be boarded then stop, do not board the bird. Complete Tradecrafts’s objectives (with RR) up until it needed to be handed in to Desdemona and stop, do not hand it in.

Complete Inside Job from the MM and Institutionalized. Institutionalized requires you to visit the Institute via the transponder, made by Sturges. Refuse to join the Institute and leave straight away. There are conversation options that will result in you being told to leave the way you came. You want to to do this. Unfortunately, this means you don’t get to explore the Institute, get any of their side stories or loot the place. However, you can still get the holotape data for Sturges as you walk in.

Now you want to complete the quests Shadow of Steel’s (with BoS). Complete Tour of Duty. Then stop. Do not complete any part of Show No Mercy.

Form Ranks requires you to have at least 8 settlements. If you don’t have eight settlements by now you’ll need to find them without Preston’s help and complete their objective(s). Once you own the settlement, build a generator and recruitment tower. You can do whatever else you like with the settlement or leave it as is until later. Once Form Ranks is completed it triggers the quest Defend the Castle. Complete Defend the Castle.

Complete Tradecraft for the RR and focus on their side quests. Complete Boston After Dark, Butcher’s Bill 1 and 2 as well as 1-3 radiant quests, I chose to do 3.

Now complete The Nuclear Option with the MM. This means entering the Institute via the plumbing. It’s safe to wear Power Armor during this part of the quest as the areas you visit are accessable via an under water walk path.

Once the Nuclear Option quest is completed, you’ll have blown up the Institute with the MM standing behind you. Travel to the RR and they’ll discuss what you’ve done, wish they’d have been there with you and still offer you their radiant and side quests, just don’t talk to P.A.M, she’ll set you to begin a war with the BoS. It’ll be the same story with Brotherhood of Steel. However, unlike the BoS ending, you won’t be given the rank of Sentinel.

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