In FortNite, you can build your base out of three different materials including wood, brick and metal. The resources for each of these can be found within the world by hitting them with the mining pick. Each type of building has a different health pool, for example wood is weakest, while metal is the strongest.

All structures, whether built by a player or spawned when the map was created, are able to be destroyed by players and NPCs. There are skills that you can unlock while playing the game that help to increase the health pool of each structure and reduce the cost of building, as well as the upgrade cost.

As you progress through the game, you need to be aware of what enemies are within the map and build accordingly, for example:

  • Enemies that deal fire damage, will do additional damage to wood structures,
  • Enemies that deal water damage, will do additional damage to stone structures;
  • Enemies that deal nature damage, will do additional damage from nature damage.

Currently, there are no resistances to elemental damage. NPCs will either do more damage or the same as the default. The higher level you are, the more damage the NPCs will do to your buildings.

Upgrade Cost

Each material costs the same amount of resources to build and upgrade. Within the talent trees, you can select skills that reduce the cost slightly.

Build  10
 Upgrade  20
 Upgrade  30


Wood is weak against fire damage


Brick is weak against water damage


Steel is weak against nature damage


Each of the configurations have different amount of health points. Generally speaking the more blocks it uses within the building, the higher health it will be. The table below is able to be sorted by clicking on the headings.

WT1-3, (Wood, Tier 1-3). ST1-3 (Stone, Tier 1-3). MT1-3 (Metal Tier 1-3).

Arch sideF123052581032073011254159301450
Center archF1265600930390880137052011701815
Low halfF1175400615210475735245555880
Medium halfF12154907652656009303708401300
Medium w/ doorF122550578531069510803908801370
Triangle up / downF1265600930390880137052011701815
Window x1F1275615960405915142054012201890
Window x1 & doorF1265600930390880137052011701815
Window x2F1265600930390880137052011701815
1 TileF2175400615210475735245555880
2 TilesF22154907652656009303708401300
3 TilesF223052581032073011254159301450
"L" ShapeF322550578531069510803908801370
"U" ShapeF323052581032073011254159301450

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