Every time I upgrade my inventory space, I find myself needing more. I found out that I was keeping way too many tier 1 items which mean that I didn’t have enough room for my tier 2 items. So I started looking around the Wiki’s for FortNite and couldn’t find a complete list of items and images to know what I was looking for. So I made one and as always, sharing it.

Below is a searchable list of items, currently available in FortNite. It has all items from common to tier 5, including their pictures. They are defaulted to tier order however you can change it to alphabetical if you wanted. Additionally, the table also shows you the most common places you can go in order to find them.

Find out how to create a private game for you to farm, by watching the video here.

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Do you know where to find something, that isn’t on the list? Comment below with your hot tip and we’ll add it to the list and credit you below!

Thanks to the following people for making this table possible.

  • ApocDream, for help on Reddit. Providing T4 and T5 items & names

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PictureItem NameTierFoundRarityApprox

Power Lvl
BrickRocks, brick housingCommon1+
MetalMetal nodes, carsCommon1+
Nuts 'n' BoltsMechanical items,
esp. parking meters,
Hover for more info*
Flower PetalsBushesCommon1+
Fibrous HerbsBushesCommon1+
BatteriesElectric itemsCommon1+
BaconAny items, esp. Toilets and dog kennelsCommon1+
Rough OreRocksCommon1+
CoalRocks, esp. in caves. FireplacesUncommon1+
Adhesive ResinBushesUncommon1+
Rotating GizmoToolboxesRare1+
Active Power CellGnomes, chests & quest rewardsEpic1+
Blasting PowderCraftedUncommonN/A*
Rough Mineral PowderTier 1RocksCommon1+
Quartz CrystalTier 1Rocks, esp. in caves. Upgraded Llamas in gameUncommon1+
Stringy TwineTier 1TreesUncommon1+
Rusty Mechanical PartsTier 1Mechanical items, toolboxesRare1+
Copper OreTier 1Ore nodes, esp. in cavesEpic1+
Simple Mineral PowderTier 2RocksCommon15+
Simple TwineTier 2TreesUncommon15+
Simple Mechanical PartsTier 2Mechanical items, toolboxesRare15+
Silver OreTier 2Ore nodes, esp. in cavesEpic15+
Fine Mineral PowderTier 3RocksCommon34+
Sturdy TwineTier 3TreesUncommon34+
Sturdy Mechanical PartsTier 3Mechanical items, toolboxesRare34+
Malachite OreTier 3Ore nodes, esp. in cavesEpic34+
Char-black Mineral PowderTier 4RocksCommon64+
Peaking TwineTier 4TreesUncommon64+
Shadowshard CrystalTier 4Rocks, esp. in cavesEpic64+
Sleek Mechanical PartsTier 4Mechanical items, toolboxesRare64+
Obsidian OreTier 4Ore nodes, esp. in cavesEpic94+
Oxidized Mineral PowderTier 5RocksCommon94+
Sunbeam CrystalTier 5Rocks, esp. in cavesEpic94+
Carved TwineTier 5TreesUncommon94+
Efficient Mechanical PartsTier 5Mechanical items, toolboxesRare94+
Brightcore OreTier 5Ore nodes, esp. in cavesEpic94+

* Extra information, hover to see

  • Malachite PL given by Pompz88
  • Nuts ‘n’ Bolts can be found in all appliances from washing machines, to stoves and sinks, they can also be found from harvesting toilets, bath tubs, arcade machines, vending machines lawn mowers, playground equipment, electrical boxes and switches, computers, server racks, and medical equipment like hospital beds, lights and IV’s. (Lemonheads)
  • T4 and T5 PL given by MeoahMei

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