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Stream Commands

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HELPFUL !6Pack !drops STORY !ancientskele !barrel !cloud !emissary !fish !meg !mermaid !outpost !treasure MISC !subscriber…

What is an Obsidian 6 Pack?

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An Obdisian 6 Pack is a cosmetic pack for Sea of Thieves. This pack includes…

Sticker FAQ

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All things found on this page are made and designed by Tam and handmade in…

Sea of Thieves: Fort of the Damned update rundown

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This video will contain spoilers so if you want to avoid them, this isn’t the…

Sea of Thieves: How to defeat Fort of the Damned

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Fort of the Damned was introduced as the 2019 Halloween event. If you talk to…

Sea of Thieves: Dev Stream Trust of Luck

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The host this week was Jon McFarlane, joined by cohost Christina, sadly they didn’t give…

Sea of Thieves: Dev Stream Fear the Reaper, 9th October

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The theme this week was “Fear the Reaper” where they sailed around collecting Reaper Chests…

Captain Flameheart

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Quick reference information Adoptive father and son Senior stole Cursed Cannons Senior also sunk Magpie's…

YouTube Channel: Shillianth

I started out on YouTube making Sims 3 tutorials. Since then I’ve branched out and have included tutorials for other games, lets plays, we plays, reviews and so much more. Check out my YouTube channel and watch some of my videos.

Visit Shillianth's YouTube Channel

Star-Icon-Orange Sims Lets Plays and Tutorials

All things Sims related! Sims 3, Sims 4, Sim City. I enjoy playing any and all simulation games! I’ve loved playing The Sims franchise ever since it first came out.

Star-Icon-Light Warcraft

I am buy one of the millions… and millions of the Warcraft fans. Seriously, who hasn’t played Warcraft at some point?

Star-Icon-DarkFlashback Gaming

I’ve played games practically all my life and also enjoy doing Flashback game plays for YouTube and your enjoyment.

Star-Icon-Dark Random Gaming

Along with Sims and Warcraft I also play a lot of other games! Bastion, Torch Light, Diablo 3, Orcs Must Die. Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Star-Icon-Orange Social Media

Along with games, I also enjoy talking to people via Twitter and Facebook. If you want to say hi, check out my contacts!

Star-Icon-Light Vlogs and Blogs

I enjoy writing thoughts about things ranging from daily life to computer games. I also do vlogs on YouTube to keep you up to date with what is happening!