The map was updated when they introduced new biomes to the game. Below is a gallery of 3 maps.

The place names are approximate and can take up more area than the name itself. Similarly, the temperatures are meant as a rough guide for their areas and can be changed by various weather effects.

  • Red: Hot / extreme temperature
  • Yellow: Moderate temperature
  • Green: Cool temperature
  • Blue: Freezing temperature


Original Map from Gamepedia

Thanks to helix_5001 from Reddit for suggestions and Patabinouz for corrections


  • Jonny says:

    first of all great job compiling all the infos and putting in the time.
    Stumbled across your site searching for some high res ark maps to plan stuff on.
    Just one minor thing: There’s no map without names but with a grid, would it be hard to get to that?

    • Shillianth says:

      Thanks for the complement 🙂

      I’ve updated the page to include a map without names and with a grid. Let me know if there’s anything else.

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