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Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign – The importance of team selection

By April 9, 2014No Comments

Got time to play a quick game while a very sleepy baby sat quietly on my knee. While the game looks very simple bejewelled like game, there is an element of strategy to it. Not only do you have to pick the right attacking team, you also have to match your team with the environment. This can often give you an edge when playing and help with attacking teams that have a higher level than you do.

This map has an elemental tile that turns however many tiles to green. This mixed well with Daken, as his passive ability turns (1+) red tiles into an attack tile. Add storm into the mix and her power ability to eliminate all elemental tiles requiring only 5 red tiles, this makes a deadly combination.

As you can see the combo works really well within the video. My team should have been creamed! Given the opposing team was only able to get 2 plays off, their damage to my team was minimal. Meanwhile I was able to kill them using a sequence of powers.



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