This mod was originally coded by Daveo, later updated by QC. The mod was previously found on TS4Mods, but the site is undergoing some construction (as of 12th March).

Just like in the Sims 2, you can through the use of this mod hire a Gardener and Handyman to come to your house.

The Gardener will visit your house daily and look after any plants you have on the lot. They’ll water and weed but not harvest or evolve your plants. They arrive in the morning and leave once all the plants have been tended to. You can hire one for the day for to come everyday at the low, low price of $90 simoleons plus $30 per hour.

The Handyman arrives generally within an hour of calling them. They’ll come to your house, fix everything that needs fixing and leave.

It’s worth adding that you can interact with these NPCs like you can the maid.

It took me a while to find this mod and the update for download. I’m not sure why it was taken offline. I’ve been using it in game without any problems so far. Saying that, I made all the necessary precautions and saved a copy of my saved games just in case, you should do the same.

[download id=”5616″]

[download id=”5616″]