The Overwatch team has confirmed that there won’t be a Valentine’s Day event saying “We are *NOT* planning a Valentines or Easter event.” (Source). However, in that same post he states that they do have some awesome stuff set for 2017. Over the past few weeks, people have been buzzing about what will be the next event and who’ll get the next skin. At least two heroes will be getting new skins and that information has recently been teased, Mei and D.Va. It’s unknown at this time whether or not anyone else will be getting a skin.

According to the graphics that have been teased, the event will start on the 25th of January. It’s unknown at this time how long the event will go for, nor is it known how the skins will be obtained.

What do you think of the new skins? Who else would you like to see get one? Let me know below.

Mei’s skin is similar to her Ornament spray that was obtainable during the Winter Wonderland event. However, the dress that she’s wearing in the skin iis much more detailed thatn that of the spray. There are few other similarities with the skin to the ornament.

D.Va’s skin is remarkably similar to that of her ornament spray, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Overwatch Reddit community (Source). Her hair is down, the colours match and it is overall a clear connection between the two. Whether or not it was intentional or they’ve just used her base colour pallet, is unknown.

After the release of the Tracer comic “Reflections”, people have been wondering whether or not Genji and Mercy are an item. This came about because Genji is seen writing a letter with a feather in the top left panel which is then seen being held by Mercy. This was followed up later by some new voice lines between Genji and Mercy / Angela talking about how they’ve gotten each other chocolates (one for Genji giving Mercy and another for Mercy giving to Genji). This has confirmed the relationship for some. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

Do you think Genji and Mercy are a couple? Let me know below.

Genji Voice lines added interacting with Hanzo and Mercy

Valentine's Day Voice Lines, do they confirm the Genji and Mercy relationship? Does this mean that Genji and Hanzo are rebuilding their relationship?

Genji asking Hanzo if he’s gotten any chocolates today, which Hanzo replies telling his brother that they weren’t his amusement. 

Mercy telling Genji that she’s gotten him some Swiss chocolates, because they’re the best. Genji replies asking Mercy to share them with him.

Genji saying that he’s got chocolates, although they aren’t swiss. He also refers to her by her real name of Angela. Mercy replies stating that they’ll have to do.

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