Another installment of previews, Blizzard has released a preview of 4 skins on their Taiwan Facebook page.. and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.

Bastion’s skin looks like it’s a fururistic roller derby car with an orange and white theme to it. His little bird also got a diamond checkerd make over. His left leg has 24 printed on it, which could symbolise the current 24 heroes out at the time of the anniversary event. To further the roller derby car theme, he’s also got a checkered flag over his right shoulder and tyres over his shoulders and hips.

Pharah’s new skin looks to be quite bulky and very american indian in it’s theme. The skin looks like its got a Native American theme. Although it also looks like it could be a ‘master skin’ from heroes of the storm, in that it’s similar to what we already have, just a little different. The skin has a weird mixture of armor and cloth styled together into a hot mess.

Soldier 76’s looks like he’s had a rough year. His arms and lower legs are bionic. His torso also look like it’s helping with life support of a robocop-esk chin strap. This skin is a little confusing at is looks like he’s a younger version of his current self, but still has greying hair and khaki cargo pants.

Zarya’s skin shows blue hair peeking over the top of a helmet with a golden mask. Another skin that looks like a hot mess with musky pink and white armor plating covering a dusty blue jump suit. She looks like a very protected industrial worker.

It’s currently unknown what rarity these skins will have, although we can presume that they’ll have legendary status given that they aren’t just a recolour or minor rework of an existing skin.

With the amount of hype that has gone into the skins coming up to the event, I had hoped for better looking skins. Let me know in the comment section below what you think of the skins. Do you agree that they are a little disappointing or did I have my hopes set too high?


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