The Christmas event for Overwatch is finally here! There is over 120 items included in the update:

  • 2 themed maps (Hanamura and Kings Row)
  • 11 skins (5 legendary)
  • 7 poses
  • 3 intro highlights
  • 3 emotes (1 legendary)
  • 26 player icons
  • 23 voice lines
  • 51 sprays (ornament, seasonal, achievement and misc)
  • and 1 new game mode!
  • Event runs from the 12th December 2016 until the 2nd January 2017.
  • Items can be obtained by:
    • Opening loot boxes
    • Buying them at x3 the cost of normal

Click here to download and print out my Overwatch Checklist! [download id=”8202″]

The checklist includes all skins, poses, highlight intros, emotes, player icons, voice lines and sprays (split into 4 different subcategories). Available in colour and free to download.

You can also use this amazing online tracker, by izzepizze (From Reddit).

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