Given the popularity of Overwatch, its little wonder that the community is going crazy with speculation and theory crafting when new heroes are going to be released as well what maps, skins and game modes. It feels as though the staff at Blizzard are trying to outdo themselves with leaking information on what is coming up soon. In March, we had leaks relating to a quadraped hero code named Anchora, that turned out to be Orisa as well as legendary skins for Mei in the Year of the Rooster event. Now we’re coming up to the 1 year anniversary of Overwatch being officially released and the leaks are coming from everywhere!

There has been more leaked information, rumoured to be from the same person. Although it has been posted on 4Chan and the user is anonymous, there is no way to confirm or deny whether or not this is true.

On top of leaked information, tech savvy people are datamining the files from the test server to speculate further on what is being added to the game!

We can only wait and see what happens next!

Which leaked bit are you hoping to be true? Let me know in the comment section below.

March Employee Leaks

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  • Lunar skins, including qi pao skin for Mei ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Mei origin story in Ecopoint: Antarctia
  • Anchora [Codename] released next. Female quadruped (anchor tank), not Doomfist ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Anchora is from Numbani with a West African accent ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Doomfist, will be a “black guy” ✓ CONFIRMED

The following has been said to be what’s happening with Doomfist.

  • Offensive hero ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Combination of Tracer and Rein ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Ultimate will be a nosedive with no stun but insta kill, regardless of HP ✓ (ish) CONFIRMED
  • Charge ability will be used to move around the map, with charges ✓ (ish) CONFIRMED
  • High skill ceiling hero ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Higher HP the more damage he does ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Charge ability is powered similar to Pharah’s flight. Hold to charge longer distances ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Released on the 1 year anniversary of Overwatch (May 24) X FALSE
  • Voiced by Terry Cruise X FALSE

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May Employee Leaks

  • Announcing that they are the same person with the previous leaks and answering questions.
  • Doomfist will arrive before the 8th May, 2017 X False
  • Animated shorts coming soon
  • New Hero Bria
  • She’s a teenager
  • Her theme is blue and yellow steam punk style
  • New Hero Ivon
  • He is an elderly man
  • He’s tall lanky, black business suit with red highlights
  • Creating a single player mode to look into the Omnic lore
  • Potentially as an expansion for Overwatch
  • Doomfist will be a second quarter hero  ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Going on test server within days X FALSE
  • Reinhardt + Lucio counter ? UNKNOWN
  • Has a rapid charge ✓ CONFIRMED
  • Has a grapple ability X FALSE
  • AOE Ult has 100% dmg to any target in centre ✓ (ish) CONFIRMED * Does 300 hp
  • + 5 second knock back on others within the impact zone ✓ (ish) CONFIRMED Does stun
  • Bria third quarter hero
  • Focused on area denial
  • Similar to Mei with walls, can block off areas
  • Ult electricutes things between 2 walls
  • Ivon is fourth quarter
  • Russian defence hero
  • Combination of Torbjorn and Symmetra
  • Produces swarm bots + controls their direction
  • Picks up ‘scrap’ to build more bots to control
  • Shortly after the above leaks were revealed, another person who went by the name of OverwatchOneYearLeak on Reddit, who has since deleted the post, clearified a few things on the previous leaks and added some of their own
  • They confirmed the existance of Bria and her abilities, although hadn’t heard of Ivon.
  • OverwatchOneYearLeak added that they are going to release two Hanzo skins and one Zarya, but no Sombra sitting emote yet. Some of the items released in the anniversary event will be available on a permenant basis.
  • There will be some new maps being introduced as well
  • ZII-Labs (Zee Labs)
  • Set in west Europe, fururistic
  • Escort map where you’re escorting important equiptment
  • Siwa Battery
  • A desert themed map for 1v1 and 3v3 modes
  • Will include jump pads
  • Escort War, a dual escort map currently being tested
  • POTG system updated to acknowledge combos
  • Only 1 highlight plays, says it was assisted by…
  • Shows both killcams
  • Mercy’s ultimate is being changed, allowing the player to revive herself
  • Mercy change being introduced to test server May 10th to 11th
  • New cinematic about Mei
  • New comic about Doomfist and Efi
  • PVE mode planned, but months away.
  • Involving Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra and Doomfist
  • Likened to a playable Sombra cinematic

May Hammeh Datamining

YouTuber Hammeh posted a video where he goes through some screenshots that he found while datamining the game. He states that while it’s difficult to confirm or deny what is happening with the data, we can speculate that the new event will have something for everyone. His video is worth watching for a more detailed explanation.

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