[UPDATE] Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: “Time to get to work!” (Source)

Earlier, Blizzard released another picture from Efi claiming that it’s from her holovid with the caption “Time to get to work!”. The picture shows a list of items that she wants to obtain. The image also includes an open packet of Lucio-Oh’s, a picture of what looks to be a robot head, a badge from AXIOM, a wrench and a blueprint for what I believe to be the miniature tobelstein reactor or the fusion driver.

Not everything on the list is easily understandable however, we’re also not 11 year old robotic geniuses.

The list contains the following:

  • OR-15 Chassis
  • Branford arm
  • Fusion driver
  • Miniature Tolbelstein reactor
  • Paint
  • Axiom Vocal Processor?
  • Lucio-Oh’s!

As of this post being published there hasn’t been any change to the Atlas News headlines or stock prices, that circle around the Axiom building, near Unity Plaza. The test server is currently offline however, there were no posts of people noticing any changes. Which means there either won’t be or they’re waiting until the live patch to release the headlines.

We discovered what the OR-15 defence robots looked like in the release of Efi’s previous picture released to Atlas News. It’s safe to assume that she’ll obtain a chassis from the wreckage and a new addition to the game will look something similar to that.

Currently not much is known about what is meant by the Branford arm on Efi’s list. Some speculate that it might be the name of the “Successor” for Doomfist. In researching the name Branford it’s a town in two states of the US, Connecticut and Florida. It’s also the name of a college. Notable people with the surname of Branford include a Jazz Musician, Poet, Author and Sociologist. Although, none of these seem to have any obvious link to anything the storyline.

The Fusion driver would be the source of power.

A Miniature Tolbelstein reactor is something that is seen within Zarya’s weapon. From this we can presume that the weapon damage would be energy based.

The paint pallet shows colours similar to Lucio. Given that Efi’s got a packet of open Lucio-Oh’s on her work-space, included the picture and another on the list, it’s safe to say that she’s a fan of Lucio’s and has chosen these colours to reflect this.

The Axiom Vocal Processor is crossed off the list as something that she’s already obtained. Axiom (AXOM) is a company within Overwatch so this would be referring to a brand name, and a vocal processor, upon Googling, is a voice program. This might have been crossed off the list as she’s already obtained the voice lines required.

Who wouldn’t want more Lucio-Oh’s!!!

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