New video posted to FB: April 12 – Overwatch Mission Archives. File 00382 – King’s Row Uprising. Entered into record 7 years ago. Security clearance required: Confidential w/ Mandatory Robot Registration sticker
The Blizzard Facebook page has just released a short animated graphic / video that contains something that will be released on the 12th April (which was released shortly after). Within the image, is a few different bits of information that we can look into a little further.

Firstly, lets look at the text. It has something to do with King’s Row Uprising, something that happened 7 years ago and whatever it was, you needed to have security clearance to access the information. It’s being declassified on April 12th. We can also assume that the uprising has something to do with Robot Registration, from the red poster towards the left.

This red poster also has a QR code on it. However, I couldn’t get any QR reader to pick up the image and scan it. I tried rotating it so it might just be that the image isn’t clear enough for it to be picked up. QR codes aren’t anything new to the game, 8 months ago, an unknown reddit user posted about their existence – link. They found that the QR codes gave back the word “Robot”.

On top of this red poster, looks like more code or text that can’t be read and doesn’t display all at the same time. So good luck to anyone who ends up decoding it.

Next we have some railway lines in the lower left image. This could be linking it to Kings Row, as the defenders start inside a rail way. This could be the same station.

The lower right image has a figure that spins around slowly. It looks like Tracer is getting another skin. Possibly an Omnic styled skin. It’s difficult to say as the image is covered.

In the image above it looks like a new map, it’s quite bright and doesn’t fit the same theme as Kings Row and doesn’t appear to, at first, be similar to any other map currently in game.

Reddit has already taken to posting theories about what this small teaser could mean and are getting hyped for more lore.


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