Browsing /r/Overwatch (Reddit), I found a post by Pampattitude, titled “(Hero) 24 is not who you think it is.” Where they quote Jeff Kaplan (Overwatch Lead Game Developer) saying “24 is not who you think it is.” (Source). Meaning, their 24th Hero probably isn’t going to be Doomfist. Then who is it going to be? Well, a keen eyed person somehow found a link to the new hero potentially being voiced by Alex Malaos (Reddit, Overwatch Forums).

“24 is not who you think it is” Jeff Kaplan

Alex has his own website where he details his previous work. On this page it temporarily listed that he was working with Blizzard, specifically Overwatch and Jeff Kaplan as follows “Character: Greek. Title: Overwatch (Video Game). Director:Jeffrey Kapplan, Aaron Keller. Production: Blizzard Entertainment.” However, this has since been removed from his live website. Although Web Archive (Source), shows the information leak.

In a quick Google search of Alex Malaos you see his IMDB page, which also lists Blizzard as someone he’s done work with, during 2016. It lists this information in his profile under Miscellaneous Crew and having done “ADR and looping”. This stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement, Edge Studio explain it to be “dialog that cannot be salvaged from production tracks of a film or cartoon must be re-recorded in a process called LOOPING or ADR. You may know it as “dubbing.”” this could also be tied to Voice Acting of a video game character.

Looking further down the Reddit thread, User raa0927 commented mentioning a video that was made by YouTubers, which was linked by Puck83821, that mentioned a video that spoke of a new hero being introduced to the game and there is a strong likelihood that this character would be Greek.

Alex Malaos has a few videos on YouTube featuring his work which seems to be mostly commercials. His Twitter account doesn’t have any mentions or obvious links to Overwatch.

A Reddit user aroxion put together a list of potential characters that are hypothesised as being close to release.

There’s no real masterpost or anything so I can summarize what I know personally for you.

  • Doomfist, of course, was rumoured ever since the Open beta from what I can tell. Blizz didn’t originally plan for him to be a hero but it seems now they’re working on it. Good on them for fan service! But we’ll probably have to wait a long while for him.
  • Soundquake was first mentioned in the original cintematic trailer, so he’s been around for even longer. He’s mentioned by the younger kid who says he has “Chest missiles”. Other than that, however, not much is really known about him. There are rumours that he might be a large red tank that’s seen in concept art and shorts however, and I think that might just be right.
  • Athena is an occasionally mentioned hero, but we mostly know her as Winstons charming AI and the games main announcer. The rumours of her being a hero surfaced in once again old concept art that had a robot looking character with her exact logo on it. In my opinion, I think they scrapped that hero to turn Athena into the announcer instead, but you never know.
  • Liao is once again an occasionally mentioned hero, and is known in the lore as one of the original members of Overwatch and so far the only other founder of Overwatch we haven’t seen yet. Last I checked a lot of people speculated it to be the dude on the far left seen in this picture, but I think Blizzard ended up denying that. Not much else to say about him though.
  • There are a few other much smaller rumours and ideas for potential new heroes, like the woman on the far right here, or the dozens of heroes seen zooming past in Recall, but other than that there aren’t many other rumours. I hope this helped!


What are your thoughts on the possibility of Alex Malaos being the voice actor for the new hero? What abilities do you think the new hero will have?

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