What initially started as a story consisting of a brief interview by Atlas News, introducing the Overwatch community to Efi, has since been added to to include an attack on Numbani airport.

The Overwatch social media has released a picture showing Numbani, specifically the spawn point of the attacking team. Looking much like the attacking team would have left it. In shambles. There are a few things to point out within the picture that are interesting to think about

1. The picture was submitted by Efi. Confirming that she’s still alive and in Numbani. We have no new information regarding her parents or any other people within the airport – human or Omnic.

2. The text reads that all flights in and out of Numbani have been suspended. So we can safely assume that Tracer, Winston, Mei, Zarya, Widowmaker, Reaper and Sombra won’t appear or have anything to do with the story line.

3. Purpose of the attack is currently unknown. We don’t know if Efi was the target of the attack, her robot (if she has one) or the Doomfist gauntlet was the target. It’s possible that one of the Heroes landed and started an attack and Efi’s robot defended her and the other humans and Omnics within the airport.

4. We’re left with a cliff hanger as the scrolling news text cuts off just before they tell us what people saw. Something we can only imagine will appear in game cycling through the news banners.
As of this video being edited, it hasn’t been updated to reflect this in game.

5. Looking at the picture you’ll notice right in the middle, is a robot inside a huge impact circle. Presumably a person or omnic with massive amounts of strength or power has thrown it like it was a projectile into the wall. Now this could be because the OR15 defence units weigh a lot and they’re simply showing the strength of whoever defended the airport or it the impact could have been caused by something or someone using the Doomfist gauntlet? It could also have been it be something that Efi’s created?

The Overwatch community is going crazy for the information and it’s bringing some excitement and mystery to the forums and subreddit. While everyone seems to be in agreement that Blizzard won’t introduce an 11 year old girl into the combat, the fan theories are wild! Stay tuned for more I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tell me in the comment section below what your favourite theory is so far.

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