Is your favourite character really being ignored in the skins department? This table shows the total amount of skins each character has had since release. The skins have been split into the different events that have happened since release however skins that were from the preorder, blizzcon, nexus challenge, origins edition and map release have been merged into the one since they weren’t from an event itself.

HeroesClassIntroduced (Y/M)
Misc *Summer 16/17Halloween 16/17Winter 16/17New Year 16/17UprisingAnniversaryTotal*Misc Desc
AnaSupport2016, July2114
BastionDefense2016 Release1111116Blizzcon 16
D.VaTank2016 Release21115Nexus 2.0, Blizzard World
DoomfistOffense2017 July11Blizzard World
GenjiOffense2016 Release111115Nexus 2.0
HanzoDefense2016 Release11114Blizzard World
JunkratDefense2016 Release111115Blizzard World
LucioSupport2016 Release12115Blizzard World
McCreeOffense2016 Release121116Blizzard World
MeiDefense2016 Release111216Blizzard World
MercySupport2016 Release21216
MoiraSupport2017 Nov
OrisaTank2017 March112Blizzard World
PharahOffense2016 Release21115Origins
ReaperOffense2016 Release21216Origins
ReinhardtTank2016 Release31116Eichenwalde
RoadhogTank2016 Release11215Blizzard World
Solder 76Offense2016 Release111115Origins
SombraOffense2016 Nov123
SymmetraSupport2016 Release12115Blizzard World
TorbjornDefense2016 Release111126Blizzard World
TracerOffense2016 Release1211117Origins
WidowmakerDefense2016 Release22116Preorder, Blizzard World
WinstonTank2016 Release1113Blizzcon 17
ZaryaTank2016 Release1211117Blizzard World
ZenyattaSupport2016 Release11114Blizzard World

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