With the anniversary event introduced 3 new maps to Overwatch called Necropolis, Castillo and Black Forest. They are small maps set for arenas style of maps with 3v3 and other small custom games. Below is what we’ve been able to find out and a small gallery of the maps, with a link to a larger one, along with a bit of story behind the maps.

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Castillo is within close proximity to Dorado. Each of the spawn rooms tells its own story relating to two current Overwatch Heroes.

One of the spawn rooms is a bar that has bottles everywhere. Within the room is a table with some of Junkrat’s belongings. Has a map drawn by Junkrat and his mine trigger. The map shows his plan to break in to the bank at Dorado, starting by going in through the Museum, across the small garden and to blast through the wall next to the vault. If we follow the dropped gold, he then exits through the main vault door and heads to the right. After that we don’t know where he disappears to.

The other spawn room is the bedroom for Sombra. It shows her hexagonal diagram with blanked out images, her computer that was seen in the animated shorts as well as paper all over the desk. On one of the tables, we can see the a Translocator in pieces and a few ammo clips. Also in the room is her bed, with an adorable little Teddy Bear. In case that wasn’t enough to show you that Sombra was here, her sprays can be seen throughout some graffiti on the far side of the map.

We can also see a news paper that shows Katya Volskaya. Inside the map there is a small jail as well as gorgeous views of the beach and hillside.

In the centre of the map stands a statue of much younger, Guillermo Portero, who is also featured in Dorado. The may have been erected during his time as president of Mexico however, he is currently he is the CEO of LumeriCo.

For an extended gallery, click here.


The Necropolis is located in the same area as Temple of Anubis and tells a much sadder story of Ana. Within the far side of the map, away from the edge, you can see where Ana has lived for the past 7 years.

The lead up has her work benches and kitchen. Her gun and Biotic Grenades are located throughout the area. One of the computer screens shows a close up of Reapers face.

Then beyond the workshop area, her bedroom can be found. She has two pictures, one of Fareeha Amari (Pharah) as a child while the other framed picture is a group shot of the original Overwatch characters. On the bed is the hologram picture of Fareeha featured in one of Ana’s sprays. This is a cold and lonely place for someone to live however, we can see that Ana has been keeping tabs on everyone she could.

For an extended gallery, click here.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is located on the outskirts of Eichenwalde. They have similar architecture throughout the map and broken Bastion units on the ground. We can also see the forest that was featured within the Bastion short.

The entire map is run down and overgrown. Sunlight beams in through the windows slowing a dusty and gloomy area.

For an extended gallery, click here.


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