True to Blizzard’s form in the past, they are releasing information about the upcoming Anniversary event slowly. Earlier today they released the dates for the event (23rd June until 12th May). Then their Twitter account @OverwatchEU released a video, that pans through screenshots of 3 new maps that are going to be released in the upcoming event. The Tweet says…

Here’s a sneak peek at three new ARENA MAPS coming soon to our Overwatch Anniversary celebration. The party begins May 23! (Source)

There are 6  pictures in total, 2 for each of the 3 upcoming maps. The first 2 look reminiscent of Dorado and Sombra’s bedroom. The second 2 look as though they are from Eichenwalde. While the third looks like it could be from either Temple of Anubis or a hidden part off Ilios.

The release of three new maps lines up with the supposed leaks that were released earlier in the month. Where they spoke of 3 maps being released. However, none of these seem to fit the descriptions that were given.

Dave Adams , a Principal Level Designer has described Arena’s as being “smaller maps like Antarctica that can be used for 1v1, 3v3, or other, and will be a part of the arcade. You can also set up custom games in them.” (Source).

Is the man in the statue, the same as in ?

What the community is pointing out:

  • Psych_edelia, pointed out the spawn holograms on the door, something that isn’t seen on the normal 3v3 maps. Implying that these might be for actual game modes.
  • theallu97, linked (here) to some voice lines that were leaked earlier, where Athena says “Now entering the arena”, “Challenger” and “Gladiator”

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