In Uprising, the main mode that you can obtain all but 1 of the achievements, you can select 1 of 4 heroes.

Each of the heroes have all the same abilities as they do in normal player vs player game modes. Their damage and health pool is also the same. The only thing different is that the game applies their Uprising event skins, regardless of whether or not you own them.

Reinhardt: Your shield is invaluable within this mode. You need to be aware of when Bastions spawn and always keeping an eye out when the Detonators spawn. If your team hasn’t had enough time to take down the detonator, you can either shield (preferable) or charge it away as it’s exploding. The herder the mode, the more you’ll need to shield. If someone dies, use your shield to protect whoever is possible to revive the fallen Hero.

Torbjorn: Your turret should be put in a position where it will attack the most amount of Nullsector units. This isn’t the time to get cute with the turret and put it on the side somewhere. It needs to be up front and sharing some of the damage. While you’re hacking, the turret needs to be on point, generally somewhere either side of the terminal. During the payload phase, it needs to be on the payload. Do not put the turret to the side, this will put unnecessary pressure on the other members of the team. At the end, you need to have it so that it shoots down the corridor, meaning you’ll need to rebuild it a few times.

Mercy: Along with healing, your main job is to boost Tracer. The harder the difficulty, the less you’re using your pistol, even though it does a surprising amount of damage. Where possible, save resurrection for when someone dies and you can’t get to them, otherwise revive them.

Tracer: You need to be DPSing as much as possible. To remove the shield of the Eradicators, blink past and target the shield arm. Your blinking can disorient the Omnics and stun them momentarily. Be cautious of Bastions and aim for headshots as much as possible to inflict the most amount of damage.

[Lieutenant] Reinhardt, [Chief Engineer] Torbjorn, [Cadet] Tracer, [Combat Medic] Mercy

Null Sector Enemies

You fight to reclaim King’s Row from the Null Sector onmics who have taken over and are threatening human and onmic lives. To do this you need to hack into three different terminals to stop large turret guns from working. This allows Overwatch to drop an airship that will blow up a door, protecting the battle ready OR14-NS units, in the heart of the building.

Slicer, Nulltrooper, Eradicator, OR14-NS, B75-N and Detonators


Low health dog-like omnics. Head directly for the payload. Attack with a red beam. Prevent the payload from working.


Humanoid omnics that target Heroes. If no Heroes nearby, will attack the payload. Attack with a pulse laser gun. Not too much trouble on their own however, can swamp if in larger numbers.


Humanoid omnics that target Heroes. If no Heroes nearby, will attack the payload. Attack with a laser gun that shoots multiple orbs at a time. Shield arm can be targeted from behind to remove.

OR14-NS (Boss)

Centaurs like omnics that target Heroes. Has same abilities as Orisa. Appear in last section of Uprising event. Need to kill all 4 to complete the event.


Human omnics that can change into turret mode, like Bastion and targets Heroes. Has same abilities as Bastion. Do high damage and can heal.


Omnic bomb that can not attack directly, moves towards the payload and explodes dealing heavy damage. Can be stunned, booped, hacked, moved away and explosion shielded. Once armour plating is removed, hitting the core becomes a head shot.


Misc Tips + Images

Below are some screenshots of the event, some include tips on the event. Got any tips to add? Post in the comment section below!

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