Are you playing Planet Coaster and wondering how to go about giving your pathing a straight edge, making a huge plaza and curious about all of the different options? This tutorial is for you.

You’ll find the user interface for the pathing in the lower right hand side of the screen.

You have two display options. Large and small. However, don’t fret if you like the large icons all in the one screen, because you can extend the window in order to view all options, fully.

On the right of the panel, you’ll see a number of options. These allow you to customise your pathing how you’d like it.

Angle snap. This allows you to specifically set what angle you’d like your corners to be, and it will automatically adjust all corners to be that angle. To enable, click the check box and enter your number.

Length and Width are exactly that. How long and wide each unit of pathing is. Length goes from 1m to 5m and width goes from 1 to 10

The camera options allow you to select what you want the screen to do once a slab of pathing has been placed.

Align to grid allows you to place a grid down on an existing slab so that you can create straighter pathing.
– Additionally, this is how you enable the option to create a straight edge to your path
– While in grid mode, you can also make larger areas of pathing, should you want to make a quad or plaza

At the top of the window you’ll see another tab of advanced options. These allow you to further customise your pathing.

Pathing supports will either show or not show pillars under your angled paths.

Curved slops will either allow or disallow the curving of slopes.

Kurbing on ground path either shows or hides the kurb,

similarly the option for railings on ground, elevated queue and ground path will either enables or disables the railing on queues.

Not all of these options are turned on by default. So it might be worth checking them out to make sure that they are set for your own personal preference.

It’s also worth noting that these options don’t change any existing lines, its only for ones that you’re currently placing. However, with the options enabled, you can reclick over the top and then replace the slab of pathing. This means you don’t have to worry about the railing disappearing from all of your rides.

To increase (or decrease) your paths height, click and hold the left mouse button down. Then either drag up or down, depending on the direction you want to go in. With curved slopes enabled, this can sometimes be difficult to create a straight path. There are 5 different ‘levels’ in total.

Stairs up, Ramp up, straight, ramp down and stairs down.

Hope you’ve obtained the information you were after, if you did hit let me know in the comments!

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