Sea of Thieves map – AI file [Editable]

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The game Sea of Thieves has a gorgeous world map however, you don’t ever get to view it in full! I decided to create an image where you’re able to see the entire map. Using a lot of screenshots, I recreated the map in Adobe Illustrator, tracing around each of the islands as best I could. I’ve also included navigation lines, numbers and letters. Within the editable file, you’ll also have access to the megalodon picture and kraken icons to add/remove at your pleasure.

This file contains 1 ZIP file. Inside that, you’ll find an *.ai file. Illustrator or other *.ai reading program is necessary in order to edit the image.

The file uses 2 fonts that you’ll need:

This download give you an *.ai file that will allow you edit the image itself using Illustrator.

The file uses 2 fonts that you’ll need:


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