The following is a written account by Shando. His character Zircon, has taken to writing letters to his mother with a quick rundown of what happened throughout that particular play session. He posts them to Discord for posterity. In order to create a place where they are able to be read quickly and in order I've popped them on the website here. 

Dear Mum,

You will never believe it. I have only been in Alterial a few weeks and… I’ve already made three new best friends. One of them is your favourite author from Sounds of my Friend and none other than Snubub Shagar Morbash, and the other is a cool guy who goes by the name Chef – so cool – and I am helping him with a book deal using my Berranor mediation badge skills. Another friend also likes books and their name is Aerin. Snubub likes hearing about the old sayings you used to say, she says them too!!! You might be best friends and not know it yet!!!

I must confess I may have tricked Snubub into signing your old copy of her book and told her my friends name was Zircon. I think I see why our Berranor Boy Master Father O’Mailey said never to lie because the ground started shaking and then half the city was scooped up like an ice cream scoop. The companion that shone in the city after Fabius Creed saved it (So cool) also disappeared.
It was a shame as I was taking my new best friends on a tour and they could have met all the Berranor Boys from Troop 359.

But we did find another activity to do. A wagoner named Darra was helping people leave the city and we agreed to help them load their carts but discovered bandits had stolen weapons from the local Smithy. We tracked the bandits down to an old church and they were not servants of the guiding light of Berranor. They were summoning a demon. I cast a protection spell on their victim but they were not happy that I did. Sometimes we must be forceful with our light of peac. Chef, Aerin and Snubub Shagar Morbash fought the others and I had to knock someones teeth out with my stick. Fighting is much harder than the training dummies. I will pray for their peace tonight once we are clear of the city.

I hope I can find my friends. Hope to see you soon.

Love, your little Zircon.

It has been an eventful day helping so many people. We joined up with Darra and Gorin – two waggoneers helping get people out of Alterial. They asked us drive a cart towards the mill to help. It was not a practice horse made of straw but a REAL horse and I got to drive the wagon. On the way we were asked to collect the famous Poet Lauriet Billiam. He was stubborn and refused to leave unless we found him ink, paper and feathers for quills. Snak (she lets me call her that now) was very angry at the man but I guess that’s what writers do.

Chef and Aerin were big help. The ink berries were surrounded by wasps. I started a fire to keep the wasps at bay and the others used magic to retrieve the items. I got stung a lot and jumped into the creek and nearly drowned. Then I retrieved some nuts and got very sick. The wildlife is not as easy as the practice wildlife we had at Berranor Boys camp.

Chef and Aerin investigated an abandoned shop to find some paper. Aerin had been talking to us about not rushing in – he’s so smart – but we opened the door and got hit with a bolt of lightning. Snak put me on a coat stand to keep me safe. We found some potions and a scroll of something but Aerin has that.
Finally we crossed a river and found some large feathers. Returning to Billiam however we came face to face with a Pegasus which was knocking at his door in a rage. I prayed and offered the feathers and Snak yelled at it and it finally left.

We evacuated the city and had to help more people escape on their wagons. They were being attacked by demons. Chef rushed in to help and used his knives while Aerin threw magic from afar. The demons seemed to resist Aerin’s magic attacks. Snak rushed into the wagon to help those on board and we managed to best them with the power of teamwork.

All safe we are heading towards Baulders Gate now with the wagon train but on the way Billiam was murdered. His throat was cut and his journal was missing. He also had a symbol of the Tempest written onto him. We’ve been tasked with solving the murder. Another merit badge opportunity.
Hope to see you soon.

P.S - I hope you don’t mind but I loaned fathers shield to Snak and your favourite book to Aerin. I got the book back though and Aerin said I should not be so trustworthy and free to give away my two most precious belongings. Lessons for another time.

And a supplementary letter of complaint regarding Geoff ............

Dear High Priest of the order of Sylvanus

Baulder’s Gate

I am writing on behalf of the famed author Snubub Shagar Morbash to request 20 gold pieces be put aside for reimbursement of liquor sequestered by your representative in Alterian by the name of Geoff. Supplementary, as a devotee of Berranor and member of the Truesilver Shields I wish to complain about the behaviour of Geoff who was offering healing in exchange for alcoholic libations instead of sharing his light as I’ve been trained in doing. Secondly, I do not wish to tattle – but he referred to my holy water for Berranor as “Horse Piss” and spat it on the ground.

I know there is goodness within Geoff and the events of Alterian may have shaken his oft steadfast standing but I feel a mediation and peace circle is in order to ensure we give him the tools to overcome these troubles. As a peace domain cleric I am learning about mediation services and am happy to act as Mackenzington friend if required.

May the light of Berranor bless this message and bless you in return.

Zircon Tourmaline

Truesilver Shields (aka Berranor Boys) Troop 359

Dear Mother,

We have just made it to Baulder's Gate. It has been a long road. When I last wrote we were in the middle of a murder investigations. The Poet Lauriet Billiam had been killed. I think you should never meet your heroes as he was quite rude, except for Snak - that's one hero I am glad I met she always looks out for me. She calls me Connie now, which, I don't really like because well, you know, but don't know how to tell her.

Solving a murder was hard but we used guile, skill and the magnifying glass Dirty Uncle Bob gave me when I was one. Chef was great sleuthing around and Snak confronted them directly.

The killer turned out to be Vollis, a person we helped in Alterion. That was a shock. She was mean and stabbed my friends but I used the light to heal them. Before we could blink Chef, he's so cool, stabbed her and stopped her from doing more harm.

She had a ring on her person and an oddly heavy coin. She could also speak infernal. Then we headed to Baulders Gate where the Flaming Fist Captain, Captain Zodge, saw my merit badges and deputised us on the spot. We are now hunting down cultists of the "Dreaded Three" gods to help others.

I hope to pop in and see Dirty Uncle Bob sometime while I am in the city. I will give him your regards.


P.S - Chef seems to be always looking for ingredients. Do you think I can share with him your secret recipe for your fish pie. I know the secret is just 'love' but I thought I would just ask first. Hugs and kisses.


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