Within Sea of Thieves, there are three Trading Companies that you need to level your way up through, in order to obtain Pirate Legend.

The Gold Hoarders is one of the three default trading companies. Their NPCs are located inside a small dark green tent, at every outpost. There are 2 outposts located in The Shores of Plenty, The Wilds and Ancient Isles as well as a singular outpost at the Devil’s Roar. Presumably, any new areas will also have their own Outpost.

According to lore, they were started by 1 man, who had a set of keys that could unlock any chest. He was incredibly greedy. Upon his death, the keys were split amongst the others in his Trading Company and they now unlock the treasures within. It is believed that their gold skin is a result of a curse of disease caused by handling the cursed treasure.

Talking to each the Gold Hoarder NPCs gives a different response, some are already mad with greed, while others talk about loaning money to other NPCs and profiting that way.

The Gold Hoarders have 2 different mission types to offer you. The first being a riddle and the second being a treasure map.

A riddle is where you’re told exactly which island you need to go to in order to progress the mission. Setting foot on the island will reveal the next step in the riddle. Each riddle has anywhere from 1 to 4 different steps that you have to complete in order to get the treasure. The missions require you to perform a different action in order to unlock the next step at a particular place, these actions include:

  • Playing any musical instrument
  • Holding light up
  • Holding up the riddle etc

Where as a treasure map is where you are provided the map and its marked with X’s. You’ve then got to go to figure out which island it is on the map. Travel to the island and then locate the X’s by shoveling them out of the ground.

While on your travels you may also find various trinkets along the beaches that can also be turned in to the gold hoarders.

In order to level up your reputation quickly with the gold hoarders, only do treasure map quests that are on small islands, preferably with at least 3 X’s on it. If your mission doesn’t have this, then cancel the mission and try again.

For every 5 levels of reputation, you gain a promotion. As you level up through the Gold Hoarders, you will unlock missions that have the potential to yield more gold, a variety of titles and vanity items including the Gold Hoarders shovel and compass, as well as the Sovereign items sets. There are also achievements that you can complete while sailing and leveling up your reputation that provides their own reward.

Missions can also be found from messages in a bottle, costing you nothing. You can tell which missions are from the captains table vs. A message in the bottle based on the small icon in the lower right hand side of each circle. If it’s a yellow key, it’s a mission if it’s a grey bottle, its one from a message in a bottle.

Overall their missions are a bit of a pot luck because you never know what type of chest you’ll get whether it’s Castaway chest, a Chest of Sorrow or anything in between. Riddles can take some time if you don’t know where exactly where you need to go and treasure maps can be frustrating if you can’t orient yourself well enough to locate the treasure. There are websites and even an app for your phone that helps with some of the riddles, so if you’re having trouble, be sure to check them out.

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