Within Sea of Thieves, there are three Trading Companies that you need to level your way up through, in order to obtain Pirate Legend.

The Order of Souls is one of the three default trading companies. Their NPCs are located in the lower floor of the two story buildings covered with purple material with little purple and blue lights it has a very mystical feel about it. There is 1 Madame located every outpost, 2 outposts located in every section. Presumably, any new areas will also have their own Outpost which will also include an Order of Souls NPC.

Each NPC has the title of Madame and their names all start with O, signifying that they are from the Order of Souls.

Talking to each the NPCs gives a different response; their replies include a little information about why they ask for the skulls. Explaining that they use magic to talk to the deceased owner of the soul in order to find where they hid any treasure.

The Order of Souls has 1 type of mission to offer you, where they send you out on a journey to locate the skeleton Captain or Captains, and bring the skulls back to any outpost and sell them to a Madame. The sheet shows you how many captains you need to kill as well as where they are located. You’ll also be able to tell what types of skeleton captains you’re coming from by looking at the picture. All captains are located on the same island if they are shown on the same sheet and spawn from the same area. There can be up to 4 captains her sheet.

Each mission can have multiple sheets or chapters of the voyage that you have to finish in order to complete the voyage. You’ll know that the mission has been completed when the screen shows you “voyage completed”. To complete the mission, travel to the required island. Run around until you start hearing music which indicates you’re near a spawn. Once you’ve located the unique skeletons, you’ll then have to defeat a handful of waves that may include a variety of skeleton types. All skeletons within the waves will be made up of random skeletons in terms of look and weapons, their weapons include melee, sword, pistol, blunderbuss, sniper and ones holding explosive barrels. There will be:

  • Generic: White skeletons however, they’ll have coloured bandannas to signify that they’re from a skeleton wave and not just a random skeleton.
  • Plant: Covered in various tropical leaves, these skeletons heal when they are touched by water. This includes water on a beach, waterfall, puddle, lake, rain and water splashed on them. In order to kill these skeletons, you have to try and take them to a dry area or out DPS their heal, which can be tricky.
  • Golden: Covered in golden armor they take reduced damage, unless they’re wet. When they are wet, they’ll lose their armor and move slower due to being rusted. To kill these skeletons, you have to pump massive damage into them, preferably rusted and using a gun. A sword does work however it takes a lot of time regardless of whether they’re rusted or not. Explosive barrels and cannon fire from the ship are also recommended.
  • Shadow: Are a ghostly state of skeleton, and take no damage unless there is a life source. Light sources include the sun, player held lamps and some fire sources found on islands. When they are initially exposed to a light source, they’ll be stunned for a moment allowing you to damage them. To kill these skeletons, ensure that they’re near a light source and then either use your sword or gun to destroy them.
  • Captain: Wearing unique clothing, only for Skeleton Captains, they have additional health pool and you can also see their name above their head in bright red text. They have the same properties as their wave counterparts and I believe have a slightly larger health pool.

Waves in Order of Souls missions appear in a similar fashion to outposts in that you’ve got waves of random skeletons spawning.

The order of souls rewards you with unique titles; tankard and lantern skins as well as unlocks the Sea Dog and Rogue Sea Dog aesthetic sets.

Skulls can be found from captains anywhere in the world eg: forts, I believe on skeleton ships, as well as order of soul missions and just out in the world. I have a list of skulls and their values available to download on my website.

Their missions can be done solo however, it’s best to do it with at least 1 other person to assist you, as the waves can get a little overwhelming especially when you have multiple skeletons with guns.

NO SKELETONS? If you come across an island that is meant to be spawning your skeletons, but isn’t or they get bugged at some point while fighting them and you can’t find that one last skeleton, you and any crew members you have will have to die in order to reset the island. Make sure that you are all on the ship of the damned at the same time and run through the door. This should reset the skeleton spawns.
To make missions a little easier, try to position the ship as close to the spawns as possible as this will allow you to refill your gun quickly, get extra bananas and use the cannons.
When looking at your mission screen, you’ll know which ones are from the mission table as they’ll have the Order of Souls skull as the icon as well as a smaller icon showing you that it’s from the mission table itself and not found in a message from a bottle.

To level up the Order of Souls rep quickly, I believe the best ways to do this would be to do the ship clouds in the sky, followed by ports and then grind out missions. If you’ve got a different opinion, let me know in a comment below!

However, that’s all for this tutorial, don’t forget to share it for your friends.

Hope you’re having a lovely day! Till next time.

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