Crew of Thieves reported some information regarding fishing and cooking, that go along with a few of the changes we’ve seen recently in game.

They’ve found that there will be 11 new types of food have been added to the game and enabled later. They include 4 additional fruits, Coconut, Mango, Pineapple and pomegranate. As well as 7 new meats including fish which have a range from 1 to 5, bacon, chicken snake, shark, megalodon and kraken meat.

Each of the food types have 4 different cooked states starting at raw, and going through undercooked, cooked and finally burned.

Additionally, each of the food states above have different variations attached to them. Crew of Thieves state that it’s unclear on what the variations do however, they do speculate.

  • Blessing – Potentially gives a bonus to stats or healing, it could also make treasure finding easier.
  • Breath – Presumably allows you to swim for longer
  • Curse – They speculate that this could mean that curses last longer or they’re adding new curses in game that could slow you down or have some negative effect on your pirate.
  • Cursebreaker – We can safely assume that this removed the afore mention effect
  • Slumber – Puts the player to sleep or something to sleep and finally
  • Spoiled – Which they guess is a poison effect that puts the player to sleep.

They continue by saying that Rare might be adding a new trading company to the game to handle a new cooking skill, that would be managed inside the Taverns. Allowing players to sell a variety of foods or sent out on missions to collect specific food types. Which sounds more like a trading company mission to me, but it could just as easily be a new reputation.

I’ve included a link in the description box below. However, that’s all for this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the Aussie accent. Subscribe to the channel for more content like this. Hope you’re having a lovely day, till next time.

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