This week Senior Designer, Shelly Preston was the host. Joined by Game Play Engineer Chantelle.

In the brig they had Communications Assistant Vee and the special guest was Radders a Twitch streamer.

The theme was to complete a Rum Runners voyage, where they had to complete a Rum Runners voyage.

In terms of theme success, they managed to get to the final voyage however, didn’t end up getting any of the loot from the final mission.

This week the wheel of other players emotions, was re-spun a handful of times as they weren’t able to complete the various tasks having just respawned and the requirements.

It was used a total of 3 times however, spun 6 times

  1. Sea of Skill
  2. Gunpowder Barrel > Give Treasure > Gunpowder Barrel< Rowboat Challenge > CHAT!
  3. Sea of Skill

Once all the introductions are done and the theme of the stream explained, they lingered on the island for a while before setting out on the Merchant Alliance voyage, where Shelly took the opportunity to remind people that cargo runs are getting a tweak. They’ll be worth more gold and grant more reputation as a result, cargo itself will be easier to handle and less distance to travel.

Questions included:

When will we get a trailer for the Mega Update? Shelly answered, on the 20th, when the details are released. There were a few other attempts to get information but no information was released

Will we get another Mercenary Voyage soon? To which Shelly says yes. The current one ends today, as does your ability to get the limited time cosmetics and a new one should appear tomorrow which also has different commendations and rewards.

Did they like pirates before hand, why did they decide to work at Rare and how it came to be? All of the crew liked pirates before however it was Vee’s answer that stood out, saying that she was even involved in a pirate group at University that went on Pub Crawls and took over her local town. At which point it was discovered that Vee and Chantelle come from the same town. If you’re interested in their full answers, check out the link in the description, where I’ve written a summary of their answers, as I’m Omitting them to save time.

Will the cargo updates be coming in the update coming soon? Shelly said that they’d have to watch the Developer Update tomorrow to find out later however, I’m fairly certain she mentioned towards the end of the stream that they’d be coming in the quality of life update soon.

They were asked whether the NDA was still in effect, Shelly says yes it is and is later asked if the tavern in the Arena will still have hot tub and says it will. So that was a little confusing.

The last question was what platform they play on, for streams they use PCs with Xbox controllers.

So far as tid bits of information there was really only the mention that Emma a member of the communications team, was the voice for Martha.

They sunk 3 times, ignored a meg and managed to kill an Emerald mermaid. At the half way point, they put up the Reapers Mark. Towards the end of the stream, someone snuck on board their ship and started talking in chat about how they should check the map. One of the crew members checked and found that they’d drawn a “rude picture”. At which point Vee killed them. Shortly after that interaction, the Reapers Mark was removed, although it looked like they were told to do this off stream. The trolls managed to get back on board, claiming to be friendly and the Rare crew tried to get away from them, only to come across them again at the Outpost towards the end of the stream.

If you enjoy watching streams where it’s a few people getting together, laughing and having a blast together, then this is a stream for you. However, if you watch the stream for spoilers or game information, you might want to give this one a miss as it was a little underwhelming on that front. The women on the stream are inspirational and passionate about the game and working within the industry. I’m excited to see them on the stream in future.

They gave away 2 codes for obsidian item sets where you had to guess 1 number.

Ive got a rundown including time stamps of everything that happened within the stream if you’re interested, just keep scrolling down. Although that was all that was mentioned in the stream worth reporting on.

HH MM SS Notes
All women team, celebrating the day in the UK. International Women’s Day
8 4 Reminded to put the Rare sails on for the stream
10 30 Leave dock
12 33 Guest: Rudder – Explains a bit about who she is
15 15 Vee spoke about how she fought a galleon in the small dock area on Crook’s Hallow
0 Shelly says that Cargo is going to be worth a lot more, easier to handle and less distance to travel
23 3 Cargo run people tell you about themselves – Shelly
28 48 Q: When will we get a mega update trailer
31 25 Q: Will we get another mercenary voyage soon? A: Current one ends today, check for another tomorrow
35 33 Unsure if they’re on the correct island
37 50 Martha’s voice is Emma
39 55 Q: Do you have custom sails? A: Yes, we have the Rare ones on
47 13 Event: Meg Hungering One
52 15 Event: Mermaid
53 23 Q: Will there be more commendaitons and rewards? A: Yes, there will be
57 33 Q: Did you like pirates before hand and what made you get this job? A: Chantelle: Yes, parents got her a pirate diary. No specific game just Rare! Vee: Kind of liked pirates, but joined Pirate society in University and did pub crawls, dressed up. Wanted to go to work for Rare because of Banjo and a few other games. Shelly: She did, who doesnt? Loves the Gooneys and Peter Pan. Loved all the Rare games
1 7 2 Q: Can you put up the Reapers Mark? A: Yes! We can!
1 8 16 Q: How did everyone get into video games? A: Chantelle, always played them. Went to Uni and decided to do coding. Made the Kraken and Meg. Vee: Went to Uni, wanted to be a concept artist. Got a normal job, got a n opportunity to do marketing and wants to be on the artest team. Rudders: Playing games since a toddler. Got ill, and found solice in video games.
1 14 2 ship in distance, but crew didn’t see it
1 15 9 Q: Will the cargo changes be coming tomorrow? A: Turn in to the dev update for more information tomorrow
1 16 22 WOOPE: Sea of Skill. Do something skillful. Fire yourself out of a cannon and as you go over, shoot a skelle
1 18 30 Q: Is the NDA still in effect? A: Yes
1 18 34 Event: Skele ship sailed past and engaged
1 21 52 PVP: Someone went in to their ship and exploded a gunpowder barrel
1 22 55 Sunk
1 24 16 Q: Any insights on the Mega update? A: Nope, have to wait
1 26 59 Q: Will the Arena tavern, still have a hot tub? A: Yes it will
1 27 40 WOOPE: Gunpowder Barrel. They don’t have a gunpowder barrel, so Shelly asks the chat what they should do. Chat decides to respin
WOOPE: Give them treasure. They have none
WOOPE: Gunpowder Barrel
WOOPE: Rowboat Challenge. No rowboat. Shelly throws to chat again, for a suggestion on what to do
CHAT: Get on board and hide, unnoticed
1 33 7 Q: Is it played on Xbox or PC? A: PC, with controllers
1 36 30 Person did osmething ‘rude’ on the map. Unshown
1 37 35 Player took the rowboat from the outpost and ofllowed them to the island. Vee killed the player because they were being rude
1 40 22 Another ship spotted
1 41 7 Reapers Mark removed. Told off cam?
1 41 14 Give away
1 42 3 Gunpowder skele spawned in front of Chantell and she shot it straight away, funny
1 43 41 Person on other ship says that they want to talk, dont want to sink them. Shelly says to sink them or get away.
1 46 1 Person apologises to crew. Saying they’re friendly while killing them.
1 47 26 Sunk
1 52 34 Q: Why is the shipwright so mean in game? A: She was resssured that it wasn’t a reflection of her personality, she doesn’t know
1 56 30 Give away
1 57 59 QOL update tomorrow, details in Dev Update
1 58 36 Reminder: March 20th SoT birthday, so will be an update
2 0 52 WOOPE: Sea of Skill
2 3 23 Sunk
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