The host this week was Jon McFarlane, joined by cohost Christina, sadly they didn’t give her title. Martin joined them from the brig, he is part of the UI design team and the special guest was Freyline, who was invited to help promote Able Gamers, a charity that helps people from all walks of life game by assisting with adapting consoles and controllers to suit the person so everyone can play.

The theme this week was “Trust to Luck” where they used the heads or tails emote and chat to determine what they would do. This was done a total of 2 times within the stream. They also used WOOPE once, dispite coming across multiple ships.

Questions and things read out during the stream were as follows.

Will there be a Halloween event? Yes, Fort of the Damned.

Have they fixed hit registration and sword length? They’ve made some changes to sword length and are always tweaking hit registration.

Will they be at EXO19? Yes. They will be doing 2 presentations on Saturday, they believe one will be around 1:00 – 1:30 and the other at approx  4:30. Jon, Joe, Mike and Robin will be there along with Beardagedden.

What is the practical use of curses? Bragging rights

Will there be content creators for YouTube? Yes, however the API on YouTube is different and they don’t want non-sea of thieves videos tagged as sea of thieves videos, by people who are just achievement hunting. They do however, support with contests and the image packs.

What is the Insiders Program? Basically, a test server where the community can play and test the upcoming update, provide feedback and earn rewards, such as the Silver Blade cosmetic set for your ship, which relate to the Flameheart story, click the icon if you’re interested in learning more about that.

When is the Origins comic book coming out? Soon.

When is the equipment bug getting fixed? Tomorrow, in the update.

Jon joked about leaking brig skeleton ships, while they do exist in game as part of the armarda, they don’t spawn outside of that and kept referring to that being “the leak” of the video.

Since Skull forts aren’t as contested any more, will they do something to improve that such as increase the loot? To which Jon says “Just wait until tomorrow”

They were complemented on Tall Tales, and the discussion moved on to what I presume was the last mission, to which Jon says “By the time you’ve got there,  there’ll be something different than what’s currently there at the moment” and then follows that up with “shall we say an” unfortunately, I was unable to catch the last bit, due to others talking. However, I have asked him on Twitter for clarification. Check the comments/my Twitter to see if he’s replied.

Will it be possible to change your pirate? Jon acknowledged that this is something the community want however, it’s a lot more difficult than it appears to be. Its on their roadmap however there isnt’ an ETA.

Next weeks stream will be at the same time and they’ll be doing a Fort of the Damned


Throughout the stream, they had little to no supplies, despite Freyline trying to gather some. Martin was continually off the boat swimming around which became a meme towards the end. The crew sink, due to taking on too much with not enough supplies. Freyline tried to micromanage the crew but it became too much for them all. They manage to complete the fort with 2 mins to spare however, we’ll never know if they managed to turn in the loot.

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