Within this post, I’ll go through everything that happened in this weeks developer stream. Where I do the watching, so you don’t have to.

This week Jon McFarlane was the host. Joined by Senior Designer, Shelly Preston.

In the brig they had Executive Producer Joe Neate and Theon Leigh AKA Pickaroon, Community and Design Intern and were joined by Captain J from the YouTube channel, The Crows Nest

The theme was The More The Merrier, where they had to get as many people on their ship as possible.

It wasn’t successful as they only ever got 2 people on their ship at most. Despite spending most of the stream looking for people

However, the wheel of other players emotions, as always made their goal a little difficult.

Speaking of the Wheel of Other Players Emotions it was used twice

  1. Sink the ship and
  2. Get into crows nest

Once all the introductions are done and the theme of the stream explained, Joe swears and spends the rest of the stream being apologetic about it.

The music that appears when you’re doing an order of souls quest, is officially called bounty music.

Joe will evidently be doing another “Sea of Thieves and Me” episode

When asked what they are working on, Shelly spoke up first saying that she’s revamping the Merchant Alliance quest, making them more desirable to do. Including increasing their gold reward, reducing the distance travelled and making the cargo easier to care for. Animals will also have their values increased.

Joe said that he’s been watching internal videos on pets, saying they’re “super cool” and Joe also said pets were discussed whether or not Pets should do damage when shot out of a cannon. They decided that 1 damage was acceptable as they didn’t want it to be pay to win.

When they were asked about whether or not paid customisations would be brought into the game, where the money raised would go to charity, we got a story about how each member of staff got a pirate name by Greg. They were able to change it by paying money. Each of their pirate names where printed out as name plates, or you could pay extra and have a fancy one printed out. All of the money raised went to a local parrot sanctuary. So it’s in line with their company ethos, its just not something that they’ve been focused on now.

They were asked about whether or not they’d be introducing stats for time spent rowing or swimming and so forth. Joe replied by saying he isn’t sure if those stats are being tracked and don’t want to upset the community by adding something like that to the game, without it being retroactive, also, they don’t want to drive the community in any particular direction by having those stats available.

They were asked whether all the devs are working on the mega update, Joe said that the bulk of the devs are however, a few are working on quality of life changes and bug fixes.

When asked whether or not all the secrets have been found, they answered by saying that they’re always adding more, especially with the upcoming mega update.

Joe said “This gap draws me over” when referencing the gaps on the front of the ships, alluding to the mega update and its function. They also said that the underwater building means something, but didn’t give details to what it was exactly.

They read out a question on changing ship sizes, saying that they know its’ a feature the community want however, it’s more complicated than it appears to be. They’re focusing on the mega update currently.

The devils fort will be mostly ashen loot.

They were asked about whether or not they’re adding another sea creature and answered saying that they love them but not currently. They’re focusing on fleshing out quests and pets as well as land things and spicing it up. Shelly added tat they’re “cooking up some great stuff” and when called on the cooking pun by the chat she replied with “they’re really fishing now”

The team also joked about how Shelly was wearing a red shirt, similar to how Joe did for reddit.

They gave away 2 codes for obsidian item sets where you had to guess 1 number.

Ive got a rundown including time stamps of everything that happened within the stream if you’re interested, head over to my website via the link int he description although tat was all that was mentioned in the stream worth reporting on, it was a little slow to start but got better as it went on, quite entertaining. However, that’s all for this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the aussie accent, share the video with your friends so we all stay up to date, subscribe to the channel for more content like this. Hope you’re having a lovely day, till next time.


6:30      Galleon this time, not brig

7:15      The Crow’s Nets is a YouTube channel for news, speculation and game play

9:03      Decide to head towards a fort, in the hope of seeing other crews


13:55    Joe Swears

14:00    EVENT: Meg

18:10    Explaining theme to a sloop, who don’t understand

21:21    WHELL OF OTHER PLAYERS EMOTIONS: Get into crows nest

29:40    Joe mentions that the skeleton music is called bounty music

35:29    Sea of Thieves and me episode, Joe will do one soon

39:00    Looking for skull fort, turned into ship cloud

42:30    Question: Anyone doing anything?
Shelly – Working on Merchant Alliance quests,

  • 2x profit
  • Shorter distance
  • Easier to complete
  • Animals x2 value as well

Joe  – Overseeing Mega Update details

  • Watching internal videos on new content coming out
    – Pet animaions and interactions. They dance when you do etc
    – Thinking about E3
    – Pets are “Super cool” and “add so much” [to the game] and full of “charm”
    – Part of additional revenue, they don’t want pets to be overpowered or pay to win. But feel as though getting hit with one out of a cannon should do -1 damage
  • Will work with charities if the opportunity arises

49:00    Pirate name story

51:29    First pirate on ship

56:32    Joe gets a TNT barrel to sink ship from WOOPE, doesn’t blow it up

58:22    Joe chickens out

58:22    Ship exploded

1:01:05 Slow ram into other ship, Shellys laugh was funny

1:02:00 Pikaroon’s face was funny

1:03:04 Bail water into other ship to try and get them to sink

1:09:25 Question: Are stream goals often uncompleted?

1:10:14 Attempting to sink sloop

1:15:00 Sink sloop

1:17:38 They want a “WOOPE has been satisfied” shirt created for the shop

1:18:22 Question: Is there going to be a way of tracking stats like time spent rowed / swam? Answer: Not planned currently, and don’t want to due to it not being retroactive and don’t want to direct the community by adding micromanagement stats

1:20:39 Question: Are all dev’s working on the mega update or is it split? Answer: Most devs are. Some are left to do quality of life updates and bug fixes. Also spoke about how they’re aware that there is a lot of down time between major patches and want to work on fixing that in the future

1:20:17 Question: Have all the secrets been found in game? Answer: Always adding more, esp with update

1:29:49 “This gap draws me over” Joe, in reference to the gaps in the ships

1:30:15 Question: Underwater building means something? Yes, but no details given

1:37:00 Jon used Power Point slides to create the give away images, took him 45 mins and the image shows place holder name.

1:41:30 Question: Can you change ship sizes? Answer: Aware that it’s something the community want, but it’s more difficult than it appears to be. Not something that they’re working on but will try to make it possible in the future

1:44:48 Devils Roar fort, will be mostly ashen loot

1:45:30 Question: Any new sea creatures? Answer: Not currently, but also not ruled out. They love the existing ones and are focusing on fleshing things out such as quests and pets. Also mentioned adding land things and spicing it up some. Shelly also said “cooking up some great stuff”

1:48:58 Shelly says “Really fishing now”, in reference to people asking what she meant by cooking things up

1:51:19 Reference to the subreddit /r/seaofthieves requesting Joe wearing a red shirt, this week Shelly did

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