6:25 Jon’s away because he’s sick
7:05 Steve’s team designs the Reaper’s voyages
9:10 Feedback on stream volume, Vee being low, guest being too loud
9:25 Question: Will we get scooters. A: Never had that before. Probably not
11:46 Joe played on the weekend with people from the community. When they cashed in, he saw a galleon firing off into the sky for no reason and was perplexed by it
14:32 Drop anchor. Guest says that they can, but normally swaps your server, so they don’t generally do it
15:57 Question: Lots of debate around what is toxic and what isn’t. Answer: Anything that is descriminitory EG: Race, gender, ethnecity to upset or get an advantage
19:35 WOOPE: Row boat challenge (vs. Sloop)
20:16 Question: When do you have to put the reaper flag up for the missions? Answer: Before you vote
20:51 Question: Did the trailer release everything or is there something hidden? Answer: Nope. 23rd April, revealing the Tall Tales trailer and more coming
23:52 WOOPE: Rowboat Challenge -> SOT Chat Decides (Vs. Sloop) Chat wants Sea of Tease
25:45 Vee rescues Steve from parking a rowboat
27:45 Tease: Fishing is “super cool”, battle fish and tire them out before reeling them in. Only showed on the dock but you can fish anywhere. Standing on the dock, or on the boat and there might be some ways to entice fish on to the line.

It’s peaceful, looking forward to the peaceful side of Sea of Thieves. – Vee
29:37 Rowboat attached
30:25 Question: Do we have to start a petition to get banjos in game? Answer: Crew jokes about
31:25 Steve shoots player from sloop, guy skuttles the ship
32:09 Question: How long is the Reaper Run in game? Answer: There until the 30th April
33:15 Question: Will there be a delay with pets? Answer: They don’t feel ready to release yet. Player testing on the Insider program, so they don’t have the confidence to have them in game yet. Super keen to get them in, but want them to be of the same high quality. On that note, the harpoon will be the best feature in game. Also touches on ship damage changes. Each mast will need more than 1 shot, Joe started to mention that there is a clue in the trailer. So there might be 3 needed in order to drop it.
38:08 Year 1 cosmetics should all be released for players. If you don’t, raise a ticket.
39:08 Joe asks guest what she’d like to be added to the game, she mentions a coconut hand grenade or another way to get on the ship other than a ladder
42:46 Chat: I wonder what ways the Harpoon will be used, and not locked to fishing. Joe says that it’ll have comical, practican and multiple uses for using it
43:51 Question: Can we attach ourselves to other boats? Answer: “What do you think would happen” So basically yes.
44:29 Guest starts suggesting more customisation for the ship other than figure heads
45:33 Question: Changing ship size while in session Answer: It’s complex to implement. They want to, but it’s not a focus at the moment.
46:20 Joe mentions that they’ve got press come in next week to see the update
46:45 Vee asks Joe what it’s like in terms of release vs. launch. Joe says that it’s different and there are lots of things that are going to be implemented. Says that they’ve got loads of different features, but wanted to create a moment in Sea of Thieves that they wanted to take on the challenge. Same levels of excitement, different levels of success
49:45 Each tuesday they have an internal email that circulates where they get updates and videos on the new features and it’s great
52:01 Talking internally about sustainability within the team as they’re going to be looking at how to keep updates coming but reducing the stress for people who work there, while keeping up the community engagement
54:48 Steve talks about how the Reaper Runs have impacted his work ethic and how he’s changed from being community oriented and collecting feedback, to now being able to fix the issues that have arisen
57:18 Question: Chest of Sorrows sunk a ship, when it was detatched from the main ship and wondering if that was intentional. Answer: not intentional, will look into it
58:59 Crew gets a 2nd Chest of Sorrows
59:29 Question: What feature will change the game completly. Answer: So many. The harpoon will have a huge impact and will be amazing. Tall tails will be a new way of playing and it will be.. epic. Ultimately, it’s storyline in a shared world. Insiders has tall tails on there as well as fishing. Tall tails introduces new mechanics and drives emotions.
1:03:55 WOOPE: Rowboat challenge -> Sink ship
1:06:43 Question: Will private servers be a thing? Answer: Understand that it’s something people want and they do want to do it however, they don’t know how it’ll be implemented at this point in time so will be working on it.
1:10:36 Question: In the trailer we saw a cutscene, will we get trailer? Answer: They’re a glimpse of the Tall Tails cimematic trailer
1:12:40 Quesiton: How many new achievements are going to be added? Answer: Many!
1:14:45 Steve fericiously bailing like a pro
1:16:45 Steve dives over to the other ship, looked great but died
1:18:18 Question: Are there new rewards for tall tails? Answer: Interesting HMM!! Very interesting
1:20:36 Vee asks chat whether or not they should continue the voyage or PvP. Chat says to continue to voyage
1:21:50 Giveaway: Code give away
1:25:48 Joe emails people inviting them for left over pizza that they have after the stream
1:28:05 WOOPE: Giveaway (Vs. Galleon)
1:33:03 Joe says that if he had the ability to follow people in game and mess with them, by spawning things, he totally would
1:34:14 Thanked everyone who made videos, tweeted, sent things in. It was wonderful.
1:39:29 Question: Who is the pirate hidden above the others in the trailer? Answer: Glad someone noticed.
1:43:56 Joe’s Mum applied for his first job as a game tester at EA, on Theme Park World
1:44:52 Vee is changing to a new role, focusing on people looking on coming into the company, Rare. 1:46:50 Joe interviewed her for the new role
1:45:30 Person applied for an intern job. by doing a rhyme and you could tell the game.
1:47:50 Job applications went crazy, got so many applications to play. Players have worked their way up through the community. Really focused on culture and fitting in with the existing team
1:51:22 Complete the voyage
1:52:53 Question: Thoughts on the new pirates games being created for Sea of Thieves, awarded points. Answer: Joe said super cool, super great
1:54:47 Question: Twitchcon EU? Answer: mmhmmm, might be revealing something about that later this week
1:58:55 Question: Do you have to work for money or is it infinate? Answer: We have to work for it
2:01:02 Question: Joe, do you love me and do you want doretios? Answer: The answe ris yes to one of those
2:02:35 Ship sunk

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