This week Executive Producer Joe Neate hosted the dev update, as usual.

The video didn’t really mention anything new, he mainly acknowledged bugs that occurred from the patch and how they’re going to go about fixing them. Including

  • Crashing, which relates to things that they’re introducing
  • Audio bug around not hearing when the ship is filling with water and
  • Double gun is still possible under some conditions

Joe mentioned that he was happy with how they were happy with the Friends play Free event and explained that the mercenary sails will be available until late feb early march. They’re also going to continue doing a variety of Mercenary quests in the upcoming future due to their popularity.

He also mentioned that the team are working on the Mega Update and when they do the announcement for that we should also get information on Arena and Pets. In the mean time they’re going to be doing some quality of life improvements to the game.

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