This video will contain spoilers so if you want to avoid them, this isn’t the video for you. Now that’s out the way, let’s get to it.

The Pirate Emporium has undergone it’s first change of stock, and this month we have Halloween themed skeleton monkey and parrot skins along with a new set of clothing for each. The Cutthroat Cosmetic ship set has been added, which is dark blue and maroon coloured with special glowing aqua and silver sails, as well as a new 2 sets of emotes one that is generic themed and the second being themed around taunting others.

Duke is selling Skull Seeker Voyages for the Shores of Plenty, the Wilds and the Ancient Isles where you have to kill a Skeleton Captain that’ll lead you to a map with a Ritual Skull that you can then dig up. There is also a legendary version where you kill and collect 2 captains and get 2 skulls as a result. Ritual skulls can be used as part of the Fort of the Damned or turned in for some extra in game gold.

For doubloons Duke has the Fearless Bonecrusher weapon set, Wailing Barnacle Clothing as well as some Wild Rose clothing. For coins you can buy the Red Coat Executive Admiral Clothing set and the Deep Ocean Crawler equipment set.

Inside the clothing shop you’ll find more feminine clothing including dresses, shirts and pants. These will include crop tops, short skirts and shorter dresses. There are also new hair colours including Cerulean blue, Cherry Pink, Emerald Green, Amethyst Angel and Pink Plush, not to mention there are two toned hair dyes located inside the Pirate Legends Hideout. You can also change the colour of your undergarments if you want to.

There is a Kraken, Meglodon and Damned face paints that are locked behind achievements relating to the event.

And the big ticket item this update is the Fort of the Damned event. For more information click the video appearing in the top right now or check out my YouTube Channel. Basically it’s a player started fort that yields a greater in game gold reward, while also posing a huge risk due to the amount of explosive barrels around the island and included in the reward.

They’ve also fixed the Equipment bug that reset your equipment preferences when you logged out.

Pets shouldn’t freak out as much when the proverbial monkey vomit hits the fan.

You may come across a Rag & Bones chest on your travels, these now turn in to Duke for 5 doubloons with no turn in time.

Reaper chests now reward 25 doubloons, rather than the previous 15.

Standing in a storm with your sword out, increases the chances of you getting hit by lightning, if you include your admiral belt, you should get zapped in no time at all!

Last but not least, Banjos have been added to the game!

For more details, click here

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