Fort of the Damned was introduced as the 2019 Halloween event. If you talk to Duke, he tells you that Old Boot Fort is worth a visit. It’s been renamed on the map to Fort of the Damned and can be found at L15. The fort itself has been reskinned and has been given a spooky cloud effect around it.

To activate the fort you must first light the 6 statues that are found around the main for room, with their corresponding light colour.

To collect the lights, you must die in a specific way, then while on the Ferry of the Damned hold your lantern up to the light in the middle of the ship and collecting the flame.

  • Flame of lost Seafarer is blue, which you get from being killed by a shark or meglodon
  • Flame of burning hearts is red, that you get from being killed by a volcano or lava
  • Flame of cursed bones is green, which you get from being killed by a skeleton
  • Flame of the viper is purple, obtained by being killed by venom from a snake or kraken
  • Flame of treacherous Weather is white, and obtained by being killed by lightning
  • Flame of Embattled soul is pink and obtained by being killed by another player

Lighting all of the flames opens the cage with a headless skeleton inside. A ritual skull is then required to activate the chest. To obtain a ritual skull, talk to Duke in the tavern and get a mission from him. This will take you to an island where you kill a Skeleton Captain, upon it’s death it will drop its skull as usual however, you’ll also see a small sheet of paper on the ground near the skull, which is in fact a map that you can pick up with the location of a ritual skull. Dig up the skull and bring it to the fort.

You can of course collect the lights and take the skull at the same time, you don’t have to bounce back and forth. Just be mindful that other players can also light the flames and take their own ritual skull up to the Fort of the Damned at any given time. As such it’s probably best to collect everything you need and then head there.

Once the fort is activated, a huge skull will appear in the sky, similar to the normal fort ones however it will have bright red eyes. This tells everyone on the server, that the fort is now active. The Fort of the Damned can be active at the same time as a normal fort, ship armarda or Kraken.

As with normal forts, waves of skeletons appear however, in the Fort of the Damned they will be special Ethereal Skeletons, that require you to hold up a light of the corresponding colour and not just any light. If you’re in the main room when they spawn, you’ll see hands appear at the base of the statue that tells you what colour to expect. The waves will start be being all the same colour, and then move to 2 different colours and finally they will contain 3 different colours. At the start of each wave, a loud ‘dong’ noise could be heard to signify the new wave coming. The final wave before Graymarrow spawns, the skeletons will contain Stronhold Gunpowder Barrels.

It is important to keep the flames on your ship because when you die your lantern resets it’s colour and if the light isn’t on your ship you have to Leroy your way through the skeletons, get the right colour and turn back around to use it, which was quite cumbersome and costly on food which ran short towards the end, despite the island favouring this in the stocking of barrels.

When I completed the event, we found it easier to lure them into the main room and assign at least 1 person to lanterns and others to killing. Once all the waves were completed the music changed and the Ghost of Graymarrow appeared, while skeletons continue to spawn.

Graymarrow special attack is when he pulls 2 chests from the ground and slams them together creating a sonic boom that will deal upto 1/3 of your health. You can line of sight the attack just be mindful that fences weren’t the best source to use as they have holes that you might not notice.

If you happen to swap servers after having lit some of the statues, this should continue in the new server you arrive on. Additionally, from my understanding if your crew is wiped out while Graymarrow shouldn’t despawn, and should maintain the same health as he did prior to the wipe.

Honestly, when I did this it was a mess. We had 6 people in total and while we tried to set people to manage skeletons while others do damage to the Ghost of Graymarrow, it was still difficult as colours continued to change with each wave. It took just shy of an hour for the skeleton section approximately 10 mins to defeat Graymarrow himself. However, we were all from different crews, not all on mic and only a few of the people involved had any idea of what was happening.

Once Graymarrow was defeated, he drops a key that opens the fort as normal. Inside there was:

  • 1 Athena chest
  • 2 Reaper chest
  • 4 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels
  • 4 Gunpowder Barrels
  • 2 Stronghold Chests
  • 4 Stronghold Skulls
  • 2 Crates of Ancient Bone Dust
  • Various mermaid gens

The commendations are awarded for starting and completing the event, not turning in the loot itself. So if you’re achievement hunting, it should be obtainable. Just be mindful that as soon as that door opens, if you’re in an alliance you might be backstabbed. Never be the first to walk in and don’t carry the kegs!

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