Within sea of thieves, there is a creature called the Kraken. When it spawns in the sea your ship is surrounded by 8 tentacles and it is accompanied by a large pool of black water that slows your ship down to a crawl, preventing you from sailing out of the water quickly.

The Kraken is one of 3 world events that can be happening, at any given time, the other 2 being the skull fort and the armada. If neither of the event clouds are in the sky, the Kraken can spawn. This is why people generally notice that they get attacked by the kraken after completing skull fort. It can spawn on any of the ships (galleon, brig or sloop) in deep water. To completely avoid the kraken, stay near an island until you see a cloud event in the sky.

It’s difficulty is dependent on the ship it spawns on or for, this is important to know as the Kraken can move to another nearby location if the ship it originally spawns on sinks or despawns. If the intended ship is a galleon, and it moves to a sloop, the difficulty appears to remain at galleon level.

The Kraken has a few abilities that you need to be aware of.

It’ll smack your ship, causing it to spin in place, doing damage to the hull. The only thing you can do is make sure your ship is repaired and try to get back on course. If your intention is to try and defeat the kraken, you may need to adjust your heading in order to get a cannon aimed at a tentacle.

It can wrap around you ship; doing damage to the hull and in some instances, block you off from being able to access parts of your ship. To get the wrapped tentacle off your ship as quickly as possible, look around the outside for a shorter tentacle moving around. This is the thing you want to hit, not the bit that’s wrapped.

Additionally, it can also suck you up and out of the ship. At which point it’ll hold you in the air for a few moments before spitting you back into the water, sometimes a great distance from your ship. It’s also important to note that the water itself is impossible to see through and will do damage to you, if you’re below the surface. When you land in the water, look up and keep swimming, you’ll eventually swim to the surface.

You can try to prevent your pirate being sucked up in their grasp, by shooting the one that has it’s mouth extended aggressively with lines appearing from it, using a cannonball is best. Sometimes you can avoid it by running below deck however; it’s also pulled me through the hull on occasion. Rumour has it that this bug was meant to be fixed.

It does not attack with all 8 tentacles at the same time. Ones that are closest to your ship will attack your ship, mid range have a chance at sucking you out and the ones in the distance just flap about. However, they can dive and resurface closer.

I’ve read that some pirates in sloops and brigs are able to turn their ship around quickly and escape the Kraken however, I’ve yet to be able to achieve this. Best I was able to do was reach the outer edge, making the time spent inside the black water short lived.

To escape the kraken, you need to make sure that your sails are down and run below deck to repair any of the damage that happens to your ship, eventually your ship will sail out of the darkened water.

However, if you want to fight the kraken shoot your cannons at the tentacles a handful of times until they flap away.

There is a mixed consensus on whether it’s best to shoot at the base or the head. One way to manage your time and cannon balls is, where will you get a guaranteed shot?

  • Aim for the base if it’s wiggling around too much
  • However, if you get a shot at an open mouth, take it as these appear to do more overall damage, at the very least it disrupts it.

When a kraken tentacle dies, they’ll flail around before disappearing into the water, shortly after loot will appear in its place. If you’re brave enough to leave your ship, you can swim and collect the loot. This is why it’s best to aim at the closer ones, to ensure you get the loot. It also helps to raise your sails as the black water appears,  so that you don’t move when you finish the battle, allowing you to collect the loot easier.

If you’ve got any other tips, share them in the comment section below.

The exact amount of tentacles you have to kill appears to vary, unfortunately I was unable to find any source of information but from experience it appears to be anywhere from 3 to 6 tentacles. Each tentacle takes approx 6 to 10 cannonballs. Remember that tentacles can drop under the water and resurface in other places, which sometimes makes it confusing as to which tentacle you were attacking earlier.

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