Every outpost within Sea of Thieves has a set of vendors/NPCs for you to interact with. This isn’t too much of a bother except when you’re doing a Merchant Trader mission and you have to find the specific NPC. How do you know who is where, without having to memorise over 50 names? Well, there’s a trick!

All of the NPC’s names that are housed in the same building, start with the same letter, for example: All of the people who handle the ship vanity items have names starting with “S”, Sharon, Sherry, Sandra, Scarlet, Shelley, Sue and Stevie.

Below is a table, that you can sort by clicking on the headings, containing the names of all the the NPCs and where they are.

AreaOutpostMap AreaName
ShipGolden SandsShores of PlentySharon
Order of SoulsGolden SandsShores of PlentyMadame Olga
Gold HoardersGolden SandsShores of PlentyHugh the Hoarder
Merchant TradersGolden SandsShores of PlentySenior Trader Mavid
Clothing VendorGolden SandsShores of PlentyCecil
Weapons VendorGolden SandsShores of PlentyWonda
Tools VendorGolden SandsShores of PlentyTom
TavernGolden SandsShores of PlentyTina
ShipSanctuaryShores of PlentySherry
Order of SoulsSanctuaryShores of PlentyMadame Olive
Gold HoardersSanctuaryShores of PlentyHumphry the Hoarder
Merchant TradersSanctuaryShores of PlentyChief Trader Millie
Clothing VendorSanctuaryShores of PlentyCharles
Weapons VendorSanctuaryShores of PlentyWendy
Tools VendorSanctuaryShores of PlentyTyler
TavernSanctuaryShores of PlentyTracey
ShipDagger ToothThe WildsSandra
Order of SoulsDagger ToothThe WildsMadame Oprah
Gold HoardersDagger ToothThe WildsHorace the Hoarder
Merchant TradersDagger ToothThe WildsSenior Trader Mandy
Clothing VendorDagger ToothThe WildsCarl
Weapons VendorDagger ToothThe WildsWinnie
Tools VendorDagger ToothThe WildsTony
TavernDagger ToothThe WildsTeri
ShipGalleon's GraveThe WildsScarley
Order of SoulsGalleon's GraveThe WildsMadame Oksana
Gold HoardersGalleon's GraveThe WildsHenry the Hoarder
Merchant TradersGalleon's GraveThe WildsSenior Trader Meg
Clothing VendorGalleon's GraveThe WildsCooper
Weapons VendorGalleon's GraveThe WildsWillow
Tools VendorGalleon's GraveThe WildsTrevor
TavernGalleon's GraveThe WildsTess
ShipAncient SpireAncient IslesShelley
Order of SoulsAncient SpireAncient IslesMadame Olwen
Gold HoardersAncient SpireAncient IslesHerbert the Hoarder
Merchant TradersAncient SpireAncient IslesSenior Trader Mildred
Clothing VendorAncient SpireAncient IslesColin
Weapons VendorAncient SpireAncient IslesWilma
Tools VendorAncient SpireAncient IslesTim
TavernAncient SpireAncient IslesTasha
ShipPlunderAncient IslesSue
Order of SoulsPlunderAncient IslesMadame Olivia
Gold HoardersPlunderAncient IslesHarry the Hoarder
Merchant TradersPlunderAncient IslesSenior Trader Maureen
Clothing VendorPlunderAncient IslesChris
Weapons VendorPlunderAncient IslesWhitney
Tools VendorPlunderAncient IslesTravis
TavernPlunderAncient IslesTanya
ShipMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarStevie
Order of SoulsMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarMadame Oya
Gold HoardersMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarHyde
Merchant TradersMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarMatilda
Clothing VendorMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarChester
Weapons VendorMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarWednesday
Tools VendorMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarTad
TavernMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarTullulah
MiscMorrow's PeakThe Devil's RoarGrace
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