The main attraction of this patch appears to be the Mercenary Voyages and ship customisations that were added to the game.

The Mercenary Voyage is purchased from Duke for 5 doubloons, you are then given missions from each of the 3 trading companies.

A “Mercenary Voyage” section has been added to the reputation tab, the first commendation being “Loyal to the Coin” Upon completion of your first Mercenary Voyage, you’re awarded 50 doubloons.  You also unlock the ability to buy the time limited Mercenary Cosmetics from Duke which include the Mercenary Sail, Hull and Flag for your ship. While they will be available beyond the 13th Feb, they won’t be available forever.

There have been some combat balancing changes within the patch where they’ve removed the double gun exploit by adding an animation between changing guns.

They’ve made some reload improvements, where the weapons are reloaded the moment the hammer is pulled, rather than when the full reload animation is finished. Resolving problems where players would think that the reload has finished, run or change weapons only to find that the weapon hasn’t reloaded.

Projectile speeds of bullets has been increased and the damage drop off has been removed. They’ve also reduced the overall damage of the Eye of Reach from 80 down to 70, in an attempt to make it more effective in the right hands, while preventing it from being overpowered as the shots are now faster. They’ve also reduced the accuracy of shots, if they aren’t aimed, specifically for the Eye of Reach, to ensure that this is used as a range weapon, rather than a mid/close range combat weapon. The Flinklock Pistol and Eye of Reach have had their ability to do push back upon damage has been removed, it stays in place for the cutlass and blunderbuss.

The reason this particular update was so large, was because they’re repackaging the game, allowing for more control on their end and more space on ours.


  • Streamer mode has been implemented and a key binding added to control it


  • Kitchens have been added to the ships, with a stove and roasting pans.
  • Cut outs have been added to the bow of each of the ships, for unknown reasons.
  • Rowboats can now move in kranken’s ink


  • Players effected by venom, will be able to access barrels
  • After a server change Pigs can be fed & Snakes continue to attack. Snakes also fit inside their container and take damage from head shots


  • A new fort has been added to the Devils Roar called Molten Sands Fortress however, is inactive.
  • NPCs have the same interaction button
  • No more floating rocks by Devils Ridge



  • Floats to the surface quicker
  • Bounty skills now make noise when close by
  • Emoting will no longer hide the treasure you’re holding
  • When a rowboat is destroyed with treasure on it, treasure will be accessible now


  • The Kraken sloop experience has been toned down and is less likely to wrap around the ship
  • Shrouded Ghost spawn rate has been increased slightly
  • Message in a bottle can now have cargo runs
  • Skeleton ships that spawn on your, no longer submerge when in close range


  • Ocean Crawler Cannons were adjusted to improve line of sight


  • Cannonballs hitting rock and wood sound better
  • You can tell the difference between cannon hitting above or below deck
  • Barrels and rowboats now make noise when hit with your ship
  • Rum bottle crates now play correct sound effect, instead of the constant breaking sound


  • When drowned by Kraken, your camera won’t be locked in place
  • Recent players list will now show recent players
  • Ghost Jacket no longer clips with hair
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