When I saw people printing out the Sea of Thieves map, I was excited. I wanted to do something like this as well. Then I remembered I don’t have a colour printer. It was at this point I decided to remake the map, using Illustrator, in a black and white version so that I can print it out.

Then my husband asked if he could have a night version mode, so that he could have it loaded on his monitor.

Below you’ll find 2 copies of the map in black and white + night mode. Free!

TO SAVE: Click on the images to enlarge them, then right click to save as.


There is also a link to my store where you can, if you wanted to, buy the Illustrator version and make edits to the map itself (not for resale).


  • Added Reapers Hideout
  • Added trading outposts
  • Updated island locations
  • Reduced icon size for chicken, pig, skull and snake
  • Added The Devil’s Roar islands



Editable Illustrator File

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  • Alex says:

    Hi Shillianth,
    I came from the forums looking for the wonderful map you made to print it.
    Is it me or it is no longer available in this page? I tried different browsers :/

    Thank you.
    Take care. Regards.

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