Hello fellow pirate! Within this vide, I’ll give you a quick rundown of everything you’ll want to know, before setting out on your ship for the first time. Stay tuned

Once you’ve created your pirate and loaded into the game, you’ll find yourself inside a tavern. You and your crew, if you have one, should be the only people on the island. This allows you some time to ready yourselves and your ship.

The first thing you want to do is fill your inventory with as many cannon balls, bananas and wooden planks that you can. Your inventory is limited, so you’ll end up doing multiple runs, by the time you leave the island, filling up your inventory from the get go will save some.

There are three companies that you need to build your reputation with in order to become a pirate legend. The Gold Hoarders, who give missions to find treasure via treasure maps and riddles. The Merchant Alliance who give missions to locate and deliver live stock to pick up and drop off cargo. Then finally is the Order of Souls who have missions to kill skeleton Captains, in some cases multiple captains. If you want more information on the reputations, there will be a link in the description box below.

Each of these reputations have missions for you to complete, walk up to one of the NPCs, talk to them and buy a mission. To activate the mission, to need to place it on the Captain’s Table, located on your ship and then have the majority of the ships crew vote on the mission.

Now you want to turn off all lanterns on your ship, by walking up to them and pressing the appropriate prompt that appears for you, on PC the default is the F key. You want to make sure all lanterns that are visible from outside the ship are off. On the Sloop this includes the half deck level where the map is located, make sure you get the lanterns by running in 1 direction and familiarise yourself with their locations, if you find a row boat while sailing, turn the lantern off there as well. This will make you less obvious AKA more difficult for others to find you while sailing.

Then you want to ensure that your cannons are loaded ahead of time. The last thing you want to do when you need to use your cannons, is have to load them first. Another thing with the cannon balls, is that there are multiple barrels on each ship that store the cannons. This can sometimes create confusion when you’re looking for cannon balls during a fight. As such, it’s best to take a moment and move all of your cannon balls to the top most barrel. This makes things more convenient during the heat of battle because you’ll know exactly which barrel to go for. Keep any special cannon balls on your person though, these are purple and green. You keep them on you because if your ship sinks, you lose all the stocks on the ship and if your special cannon balls arein the barrel, you’ll lose them too.



Next you want to unload the rest of your inventory by putting the wooden planks and bananas away. Then you want to return to the island and clear out as much of the island stock as possible by looking inside each of the barrels that are scattered around the place. If there is nothing inside, you’ll see the text saying empty so move on to the next barrel.

To sail your ship, these are the most important things to know.

Firstly: Anyone can access anything on your ship, this includes your fellow crew mates, people in your alliance and or other pirates with bad intentions.

Steering your ship: The helm of your ship, where you steer it, is located towards the back of each of the ships. The wheel has clicks to the left and right and will make a thud noise when it’s centred however, the bigger the ship the more complete circles you can do. There is also a special golden topper on one of the spokes to give you a visual queue as to where the top is.

Raising the sails. The horizontal bar, located on the port and starboard sides of the ship, allow you to raise and lower the sails. With the sails up, your ship shouldn’t move, or if it does it’ll only slightly as the waves move it. This is how you can make your ship rotate on a dime and turn it around. With the sails down, your ship will start moving. You can adjust the length of the sails to match the speed you want to go. All the way down, will be the fastest it can go without catching the wind. Having two crew members will raise the sails faster than just one person doing it.

Setting the sails. The round knuckle, also located on the port and starbard sides of the ship, basically acts as a turbo function for your ship. The game has wind currents and if your sails are down and catching the current, your ship will move as fast as possible. You’ll know that you’re catching the current when the sails blow out with a puff of wind and are taut. If you have difficulties seeing the wind currents, activate a flag that you can find in the chest of flags at the crows nest. Which brings me to the next point.

The Crows Nest. In the crows nest, you’re able to get a better view through the fog and it’s also handy to climb up while you’re waiting for loot to appear from krakens, megalodons and or skeleton ships.

The Anchor: When the anchor is lowered, you have a few seconds before the ship actually stops. This adds to the immersion of the game, giving the impression that the anchor is dropping to the ocean floor. If the ships steering wheel is set to any particular direction, your ship will spin in that direction, which can be helpful for making a quick turn. Once down, your ship will not move.  You’ll need to have your pirates left hand closest to the middle of the anchor in order to find the prompt to raise it. The more people raising the anchor, the faster it’ll go.

If your ship takes any damage, you’ll need to repair it and bail out the water. To repair, you need to have wooden planks in your inventory and be holding them when you arrive at a hole. Press the key that appears to begin repairing.

To bail out water you need to use the bucket, press B, and then M1 to collect a bucket of water. Then head up to the main deck and throw the water out over the top.

Sunken Ship: You’ll know your ship has sunk when you hear a doong noise and eventually your ship will float away under the water, eventually disappearing.


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