Sim Airport is a fun game that is still lacking any in game tutorials and when I started playing other tutorial videos were 30 mins long lets plays. This video is an actual tutorial that will give you a basic understanding of the game and let you setup a simple airport to get you on your feet. Check out My Sims Airport playlist for more information on any of the topics that are mentioned within this video and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any further questions once you’ve finished watching! Please like the page and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one.

The first thing to note, you will not be opening your airport for 1 to 2 days, don’t panic its fine. You’ll have enough money to cover your expenses while you setup your airport, so don’t stress about rushing to get it done or hiring extra staff to help with construction. You start with 3 construction workers and this should be fine.

The game developers are still adding and updating things within the game so all information within this video is tentative however, in saying that should still get you well on your way to understanding it.


You’ll need a baggage system within your airport to move luggage, just like a real airport. To access the baggage system, select Utilities. This dims out the rest of the screen and reveals the hidden conveyor belt lines and baggage hubs if placed.

You will need to place a Baggage Depot on the side of the tarmac and assign it to a gate, to get luggage on and off planes. You’ll need a hub to exchange conveyor paths and a Baggage Carousel. The Carousel needs to be placed in the Baggage Claim area. Connect pink to pink and blue to blue as neatly and direct as possible.


Queues help organise and space out your passengers. They can be placed on Ticketing Desks, ID Check Stands, Gate Agent Stands and Cash Registers. Each queue will need to be assigned to a particular desk  in order to operate. Desks can be assigned to multiple queues and vice versa.


When you’re starting out you have a small gate for small planes, to staff this, you will be fine with 2 of each type of desks / staff. This means at least 2:

  • Ticketing Desks
  • ID Check Stands
  • Baggage Scanners
  • Metal Detectors
  • Gate Agent Stands

There is no training, staff happiness or skills to be mindful of. Just set and forget, staff will assign themselves accordingly. As you expand, you’ll need to add more staff. The bigger gate you add, the more staff you’ll need to handle the influx of travellers.


Place some chairs down for your passengers to sit on they are a simple way of generating comfort and pop down some different vending machines and a newspaper stand to generate a little extra money.


Runways can be updated by clicking on them and then selecting the upgrade you want. Generally speaking you want all of them, but go with the lights to allow for safer flying at night. Place them anywhere on the runway where it shows green as they apply themselves accordingly.

Adding Gates + Runways:

Once you’ve setup your airport you’ll eventually want to add on another gate to expand however, it’s worth noting that you start with 1, small runway. This runway cannot hold the bigger planes, so you’ll also need to factor in budgeting for a new runway as well as a larger gate and money for tarmac. Each runway will need to be upgraded individually. Lights on one doesn’t cover lights on all.

Scheduling flights:

There isn’t an official “flick this switch to open” button. So when you’re ready to accept planes, you’ll need to book them. Select Airline Interest at the top of the screen. Generally when you’re starting out, you’ll fit 4 planes for the morning, 3 for the afternoon and 2 for the evening. So look through and see which ones are available to you  and offering the most amount of money.

Once you’ve booked the flights, you’ll need to schedule them within the Schedule window. Click and drag them down into the correct gate. Be sure to allow a small gap between two flights to allow for late passengers or delayed baggage, 1 space is generally enough.


If you see your passengers shouting “ARGH!” that means there is a problem with an aeroplane and they’ve missed it, hover over planes within the gate and see if it’s delayed. If delayed, why? Missing passengers or luggage? Conflict with another flight? Runway blocked by another plane? Force it to depart and try to fix the issue so that it doesn’t happen again. Since the scheduling is a daily thing, any problems you have on 1 day, will, most likely happen on the next.

Any changes you make to the schedule, will take effect 24 hours of it being made, not necessarily “the next day”.


So that’s it, the really quick and nasty, basic how to of the game to get you started. Check out the playlist for more information on other topics, if you don’t see one you’re after, let me know in the comment section and I’ll look into adding it. Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it. Hope you’re having a lovely day! Till next time.


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