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Sims 4 Easter Challenge Tutorial Guide

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I finally had time to sit down and play, to have a popup tell me about the Easter event had started. Scrambling around on the internet I looked for a guide to catch up on where to find this Jasmine Holiday. Each post that I found was a copy / paste of the original.


  • Fine Jasmine at a neighbourhood garden. Look around for the planter boxes. Arrives anytime after 7AM on your first loading of the map.
  • Get a Growfruit packet from her (1 per sim)
  • Open the packet, in your sim’s inventory
  • Plant it on your lot (can be spliced)
  • Collect 20 + 1 perfect Growfruit and take them back to Jasmine
  • Once rewarded, go to buymode and select “outdoor”. Green planter: Handing in 20 growfruits. Gemmed planter: Handing in 1 perfect growfruit.


Willow Creek has 6 Neighbourhoods where Jasmine will appear. Look for the planter boxes in a public area.

To start with they all said to “find Jasmine”, at the”community garden”. Where’s the community garden?! From the pictures, it looked like she was hiding out in Magnolia Blossom, Willow Creek. After hanging around there for a day, it dawned on me that each individual neighbourhood in the base game has it’s own little garden. Maybe she’s hanging out there? Bingo! At just before 7AM, there she was in her bright pink blazer. Excellent! Each neighbourhood in the base game will have a little area with planter boxes, this is where you’ll find her without having to change maps.

Your sim can interact with Jasmine and get a few details about the event which basically say to turn in 20 Growfruits and she’ll give you a reward, hand in a perfect Growfruit and you’ll get another reward. She also talks about the various ways to collect Easter Eggs and hints at the Easter Bunny reward. You can get 1 starter pack per that contains 1 Growfruit, per sim, from Jasmine. Once you’ve gotten your starter pack, you’ll need to head back to your own lot and start planting!


The Growfruit is quite difficult to see if you’re not looking out for it

You can take a cutting from the Growfruit Tree and then splice this onto an existing perfect plant. Not only will this increase your harvesting number, it will allow you to produce a perfect plant much quicker. The tree itself begins to glow once it’s fully grown however, this isn’t an indicator that it is ready to be harvested. They also take a long time to produce any fruit, so I’d recommend splicing it onto a quicker growing plant such as the grape fruit plant.

Along with the turn in items, you’ll also find 2 new Easter Eggs that can be obtained by collecting things (harvesting, fishing, digging etc). There are 2 new ones that can be differentiated from last years collection as they have different coloured bases, pink and blue. Additionally, once placed on the ground the eggs glow. You can also increase their size by using the square brackets [ ] on the keyboard.


The 2 new eggs to the Easter Egg collection

In order to complete the challenge it took about 6 hours using a sim that has 10 gardening skill, between leaving the game running and doing some housework. Once you’ve collected enough to hand in, head back to Jasmine and use the chat options. Once you’ve handed them in, you’ll be able to buy the two new planters in buy-mode. Handing in 20 will unlock the green planter, handing in a perfect Growfruit will unlock the gemmed planter.

Rewards from the Growfruit challenge.

Rewards from the Growfruit challenge.

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