Now that you’ve gotten a pet, you want to know how to breed them, breeding in Sims 4 is similar to that of Sims 3 however, there are a few differences .

In sims 4, in order to have your pets breed. You need to have at least 1 of the pets, be your friend. You can view your friendship status, by hovering over the pet in the friends list, and you’ll see it in the lower section of the window that pops up. This doesn’t take long to get the friendship level, approximately 12 positive interactions. Then you can select your pet and request them to breed with another pet. This will bring up window that will show you other pets that are available to breed with.

Unlike previous versions, you don’t need a kennel. They’ll nose each other and hearts will appear. Shortly thereafter you’ll find out whether or not the female is pregnant.


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